what you will not learn 

October 3, 2021

Years ago when reading Black Belt Magazine each month I was mesmerized by the advertisements. Today you can find the same style advertisements on the internet. The theme, the tone is always the same,  

  • Learn to defeat any opponent with our newly developed, or until recently hidden, secret system.  

This will involve either a renegade Special Forces guy who, for a limited time only, has decided to reveal the devastating fighting secrets that he learned from the military. Or, alternatively, a grand master of some unknown style who, also for a limited time only, has decided to reveal his family's' fighting secrets. Either way only a limited quantity of DVDs is available and this offer may be withdrawn at any point if the government finds out about it. (you know the government monitors self-defense videos)

It is also important to point out that this master needed to prodded and convinced to reveal these secrets. "We managed to drag him into the studio and what he revealed blew our minds". This temperamental guy may decide at any point to stop teaching his system. Bottom line, you had better rush, right now, and pay for this program because it is likely to be gone soon. That was 30 years ago.

You will learn...

  • A specialized hand strike that will immediately drop any opponent. 

Hmm, this one always intrigued me. There are only a limited number of ways an arm can move. I have trained with masters, fighters, world champions, in boxing, kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Chinese Boxing, Western Boxing, karate, kung fu, etc. and yet these guys on the advertisement will teach me a strike that I have never seen before? 

And, you are telling me that I will be able to "drop" any opponent? despite their being larger, stronger, more experienced? sure, sounds reasonable. 

  • A kick that will send your opponent flying 10 feet in the air, showing all around you that you are not to be messed with. 

Yes, you will learn this at home, without a training partner, just by watching the DVD. Again, sounds reasonable. Sign me up.

  • Defeat Champions - Here is the actual wording from an advertisement, I hope I do not get sued; Learn how to get out of a common ground choke, which takes MMA champs years to learn! You'll learn a better way in seconds. 

So again, to be clear, tough BJJ guys who spend years on the matt, compete on a regular basis, and win, you will be able to defeat them with a few seconds training. Yes, again, sounds totally reasonable. 

  • Previous Training does not matter It does not matter how much experience your opponents have, or how little training or experience you have, just purchase the DVD, watch it, and you will defeat them so quickly and so soundly that all will be amazed. Again, sounds reasonable.

  • You don't need to train for long periods of time in any system. They stress here that "these days no one stays for very long in any one style", and therefore the best way to learn is via these quick DVDs. 

  •  The program can be watched and learned in less than an hour.

This is an actual quote. I kid you not. Yes, by just watching these DVDs, in less than one hour, you will be able to perform all these incredible feats. 

I can go on and on but I think you get the point. 

Now I have to make some confessions; These advertisements are very well done. These are slick professionally made advertisements by people who clearly know what they are doing. Even glancing at some of them today, sent to me by an inquirer, I find myself curious; what is that one devastating punch that will drop any opponent in seconds? I would like to see it.

Next confession. Years ago, as a student, I spent quite a bit of hard-earned money and purchased many of these DVDs, back in the Video days, and a few in the early days of DVDs. Needless to say a fool and his money are quickly separated and I was bitterly disappointed. And yet even today, these advertisements are tempting, I want to see which kick will send a large man flying 10 feet in the air, when my training will consist of only watching a DVD, for less than an hour. 

So what about us, what about IKI, Israeli Krav International? What do we offer and advertise?

We must be honest and say we will not be teaching you any of the stuff advertised above. I do not believe that watching our DVDs, as good as they are, will automatically transform you into a champion ring fighter, or the Terror of the Street, or King of Fight Club. That is simply not realistic. 

So what can we teach you? What have we taught others? What will we teach you?

  • Basic simple concepts of Self-Defense and situational awareness that will eliminate most of your troubles before they start.
  • Basic gross motor moves, proven techniques, that can be learned much faster than most martial arts. This is a short cut but  you still must train, you still must put in your time on the mat. 
  • The concept of One Thread that runs through all our techniques and strategies so that once you understand the Concept you can apply it in a vast amount of diverse situations. This is indeed revolutionary and evolutionary. 
  • We are a system for the average person; the perfect system for imperfect people without a lot of time. We make no grandiose promises, we do not exaggerate, but we can teach you, we can help put the odds in your favor, we can teach you the tools to be much better prepared for a violent altercation. And this we have proven in more than 40 countries worldwide including police and military. 

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