What is Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International


What is Krav Maga? While on what hand that may be a simple question it largely depends on how the question is perceived. 

Krav Maga is a self defense system based on Jewish/Israeli roots mixed in with borrowed techniques and ideas from many other styles. But there is more than one Krav Maga and more than one interpretation of what that term encompasses. 

In its most basic form "Krav Maga" means Contact Combat, close quarter combat, a system designed to save your life in the worst possible circumstance and in every possible circumstance.

Krav Maga deals with threats that are close; up close and personal. It is not a war system, it is not useful against tanks, planes, bombs or rockets. It's purpose is to enable an empty handed person to deal with common attacks from close range. 

Krav Maga is designed be simple and effective, to enable an average person to get out of a bad situation quickly. It is not a ring sport, it is not an Olympic sport and it is not a competitive sport. There can be no "Krav Maga Champions".

Krav Maga deals with threats on individuals and families. It deals with knife attacks and knife threat. It deals with hand guns and rifles. It deal with attacks on the ground.

But there is more.

For some Krav Maga is just technique, a physical art that a teacher learned and imitated. All his students will receive are physical movements, move your right arm, move your left leg, Go this way, go that way.

For me it is more. For me Krav Maga encompasses the heart and soul of the Jewish and Israeli experience. For me Krav Maga is the yearning to be free of persecution, it is the perpetual victim saying I have had enough!

Krav Maga for me is something beyond technique, it is the energy, the attitude that propels the technique. That is what makes the techniques so effective and that very same attitude is what keeps our approach so fresh and innovative.