When Delusions are Shattered

November 6, 2023, Israel


The hatred in their eyes is difficult to miss. Kill the Jews, Itbach el Yahud, Slaughter the Jews. 

Ah, how sad it is to wake up from a dream. Lollypops and rainbows, ponies and green pastures, sunny days and falling in love. And then, ring ring, the alarm clock goes off and it is back to reality. Get up, get dressed, put on your raincoat, catch the bus to the job you hate, see the boss whom you loath and the coworkers who mock you, come home, cook your dinner alone, watch the news, collapse in bed and finally...back to the dream, the rainbows, the beautiful girl who loves you, a drink in your hands and your toes in the sand on the beach of Cancun or Southern France. Yes, the dream is good. The dream is better than your reality.

Many in Israel had a dream, some called it the "Two State Solution", others believed that "Quiet brings Quiet", i.e. if we do not respond to the rockets from Hamas and Gaza, but rather remain very quiet, eventually the enemy would also become quiet. The villages on the border with Gaza dreamed of peace. They mourned the deaths of terrorists on the day when the rest of Israel mourned the death of our soldiers. They sent colorful kites into Gaza as a sign of peace. They hired workers from Gaza and treated them with kindness, even giving them clothing. and on the day of the invasion from Gaza those "friendly" workers came back, wearing the very clothes that the Jews gave them as gifts!! But these workers were not alone, they led an army of thousands of armed terrorists. And these terrorists went from house to house, they had detailed maps, and they knew the names of the residents. They knew who had a gun, who worked for the police, who had a dog, and how many children were in the house, thus they knew to search until they found and killed every child based on their list. While the Israelis were treating these poor Gazans with compassion, the Gazas were plotting the murder, rape, and pillage of the very people that supported them. 

The Israelis who survived, woke up, they became "Woke". 

Ahh...when you wake up and the dream is shattered. Now former Left-wing peace-loving Israelis are offering their confessions; "We were naive, we were foolish, we wanted to believe despite all the evidence, we wanted to believe that peace was possible, we are sorry, it is our foolishness that caused this disaster, we are truly sorry."

Krav Maga Application 

but this is a Krav Maga blog, so let's get to the Krav Maga point. Most people live in a dream, and in this dream, there is a rainbow that reads, "It will not happen to me." Yes, it is on the news, Yes, just a few days ago a man walked into a bar and a bowling alley and gunned down dozens of people, yes, a good percentage of girls who attend college will be raped, yes, muggings and robberies take place every minute of every day, (how many have been robbed since I began this blog, since I poured my cup of coffee), yes, home invasions take place, but no, it will not happen to me, never. And therefore, ergo, there is no reason to train in Krav Maga or any form of self-defense. That is the logic. 

Now, with the case of Israel, when the dream was shattered in such a brutal and obvious way on October 7, 2023, all the dreamers had to come forth and confess and explain. They had to admit that they chose to live in a delusional dream. Never before in my life have I seen such a case of "I told you so." Never have I seen a situation where so many people had to admit that they were wrong, that they chose to be wrong. But when it comes to personal self-defense such a scenario is not likely to happen. There will be a stabbing here and there, a mugging, a robbery etc., but not on a national level. It is not as if one morning at 6:30 am everyone will be robbed or raped, no, it is gradual. And then we train ourselves to forget, and to go back to our dream, to our delusional behavior.

Woody Allan had such a film, where the lead character has her dreams shattered but, in the end, consciously chooses to go back to the dream. She chooses to live in the dream because it is better than her miserable life. In his brilliance, Allen exposes this part of our personality, that we choose to live in a delusional setting rather than face the harsh truth and reality. This woman has an abusive husband, she works hard as a cleaning lady all week long only to rush to the movie theatre every Sunday and be in her dream state. But that is a choice, and perhaps it is harmless. 

We, that is most of us, choose to live a lie, because it is more convenient for us. We don't want to train, so we convince ourselves that we don't need to train. We choose to ignore all the warning signs around us, to turn a blind eye to the truth and instead to live in "Pleasant Valley Sunday". 

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burnin' everywhere
Rows of houses that are all the same
And no one seems to care

See Mrs. Gray she's proud today
Because her roses are in bloom
And Mr. Green he's so serene.
He's got a TV in every room.

No one seems to care, and we are so serene, until...until...IT happens. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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