By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International 

April 20, 2018, Israel

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Years ago. I see my father speaking on the phone. He wants to renew his subscription to the Jerusalem Post. But the young man on the other end of the line seems reluctant and tells my dad to call back tomorrow. What this man is really saying is, I can't be bothered, let someone else handle it.

My father said, "Young man, allow me to teach you a lesson. When a man is on the phone ready to pay, you take his money. By tomorrow I may change my mind and go with your competitor". The man reluctantly renewed my parents subscription to the Post. My mother stills receives the paper to this day.

I often hear people complain that life has been bad to them, business is bad but what they do not realize is that when opportunity comes knocking they shut the door, because, like that young man they simply cannot be bothered right now.

You receive an e mail, respond, NOW. For tomorrow that potential client may have signed up with your more eager competitor. I am not talking about BIG opportunities but every opportunity because you never know which ones turn out to be the BIG ones and the little ones together add up to a BIG one.

The other day I had a positive experience. I had bought a pair of pants that I was not happy with. And then in the Maaleh Adumim Mall I thought I would check out the local tailor. I walked in, he stopped what he was doing and immediately came over to me. (Good start). I told him that I just wanted to inquire if he could make the changes that I wanted but I could not do it today. 

He said he certainly could handle this, let's do it now. But, I protested, I do not have another paid of pants to wear while he fixes these. I will return "another time". No, he said, this will only take ten minutes, have a seat in the dressing room and I will do it now. 

Within 6 minutes three different issues had been taken care of. I said "You are a genius", paid him, and left. I also informed him that "I will be back" (in a positive way).

Later on I thought about this. He is an Arab, and of course Arabs are free to work anywhere in Israel. He wants to make a living. He wants to live in peace. He saw an opportunity and went for it. He provided a great service and gained not only a customer but also a free PR man. That is how opportunity works, one customer at a time.

When you receive an e mail, respond. When you receive a bill, pay it! When you see a work opportunity, do it now. That is how winning is done. 

At IKI I try my best to respond to you as soon as possible, every day, night or day, in any language. I try to provide you with excellent service. That is how winning is done. 

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