When Things Happen
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 24, 2016, Madrid, Spain

All is well. Sitting here in Madrid in a magnificent hotel enjoying fine coffee, I cannot complain. But this is not where I planned to be and this is not how I planned it to be. Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

So I am on my way to Lima, Peru, but that was not my plan for today. I will end up where I need to be but the path was not what I expected. But that is life, expect the unexpected.

All sorts of things went wrong and it all started with faulty air conditioning on the plane. It continued with searching the globe for flights, getting lost in the airport in Madrid and ending up in a hotel room with no key at 4 am, but all is well.

We can plan but ...we cannot expected things to always go as planned, therefore we need to have tools.  We need to have tools ready for these types of situations.

In this particular case the tools that helped me out were: some knowledge of a foreign language (why should I bother learning another language, I will never need it!), extra cash, foreign currency, a sweat shirt (I am going to a warm climate why should I bother with a jacket - because you never know where you will really end up), an adapter for laptop and cellphone, a flexible mind set and friends who can be relied upon. 

The same is true of course with Krav Maga, the advantage goes to he that is prepared. If you keep shouting, "I live in a quiet area, I never go anywhere dangerous, I will never need these skills", well...all I can say is I hope your plans always go as planned. You might be the first person on the planet with a perfect life that always goes according to plan and never needs adjustment. But for the rest of us: attain as many tools as you can, including Krav Maga.