when you do not know
by moshe katz

June 11, 2020, Israel

We like to have answers. We like clear answers that leave no room for doubt. We say, Doc, tell it to me straight. When we see the car mechanic we want a clear and direct answer; What is wrong with our car, how to fix it and how much it will cost. We like clarity.  

But alas this is a world without clarity that we are born into. Each life is different, each human being is different. What works for one does not work for another. A rich man can write a book about how he succeeded in business. We buy books about the secrets of success and the habits of the successful, but these are rarely applicable in our own lives. All that happened is we lost the $15.95 we spent on the book and the author is a little richer.

It is the same with self defense. 

I receive such questions as; "how long will it take me to be able to defend myself?" I recently even received one "...can I use your system to defend myself against the police?" and of course, "how long will it take me to earn my black belt." 

To all these questions, to life itself, I simply say, I don't know. Many will give you answers, but the honest will not. Will I be able to defend myself against multiple attackers in downtown San Juan? Can you guarantee me that I will never be hurt? The answer is the same; I do not know, I cannot guarantee anything, that is the nature of life. 

A child asks; Momma will it hurt?  The mother will comfort her child but yes, it will hurt. Perhaps the most difficult thing in life is to watch someone else in pain, when you deeply care about this person. You want to take that pain yourself, put the needle in me rather than in her, I will take the treatment and the pain, just spare her. but alas, we cannot. 

Will life hurt? Yes, it will, but it will also have some beautiful moments.  When will the pain end? our only answer can be, we just do not know. 

Krav Maga is not a magical solution to life's problems, it is a way of improving your chances in life, of minimizing the pain and the damage. It is a way of taking small amounts of pain and discomfort to prevent worst pain and suffering. But we do have a choice here, we can make the effort while we still can, while we are healthy and free. 

There are many questions in life where the only honest answer is, we just don't know.

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