When You Least Expect It
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 3, 2019, Vienna

I recall preparing for my first job interview. Friends advised me what to wear, what to say, what questions to expect. I was told to look the man in the eye, not down on my shoes. I was prepared.

I recall preparing for the army. Again, I was advised what to bring, what to buy; extra shoe laces, thread and needle. I was prepared.

But that is not how self defense works. You can never know when it will happen. You can never anticipate the assault. It will just happen. And you are not going to be ready.

It is most likely to happen when you least expect it. For they know their profession. They are well trained in the art of crime and violence. They are "the streets". They live the streets, they know the streets, better than you.

They have no morals, they have no hesitation. Their only moral is survival. And so, sadly, you are at a great disadvantage. 

Sit in a bar, let the beer flow, and you will hear tall tales of street victories. They are false, they are male or female bravado. I listen, I nod politely but I do not believe any of it. Beer stories. 

Those who were in real fights speak differently. Those who fought in Bastogne, are humble. They still feel the fear 70 years later. They were in a real fight. 

And so what can we do. We can stick to simple basic principles. All the fancy techniques, leave them behind. That is for your "Fantasy Fight". Save those for your bar stories, with your equally lying friends. We have no need for that. 

All our techniques are simple, gross motor moves. on thread that runs through many techniques. Simple movements that are easy to learn and build upon. 

We are not very impressive looking. The other day here in Vienna we had a full day seminar and only covered one technique, our version of the Jinga. But we applied it to numerous different situations. The wise understand this, the foolish feel it is a waste of time. 

Real self defense for real people in a real world that is indeed quite violent. 

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