when the lights go down

December 25, 2020 

Every performer knows that eventually the lights go down. We love the stage, we love the spotlight, center stage, the lights shine on us, but we know that sooner or later every show comes to an end and the lights go off. You will go backstage, then off stage, and then home, or to an hotel. 

The lights will go down, on all of us.

And my question this morning is, when the lights go down, what do you have? Whom are you left with?

When the glitter is faded, when the hair turns grey, when the glory is gone, what are you left with? Who are you at the end of day, sitting alone with the lights out, who are you then?  

It becomes not what you have, but what you have become. What has it all amounted to? As the Beatles write...and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

All glory fades  (Chris Cagle)

This is the measure of man, who are you at the end of day, when the lights go out, when the glitter and the outfit and the make up come off, when the crowd has gone home, when the still of night and the darkness descend. Who are you then?

You are then whom you are now, only then the truth emerges. You are the totally of what you have learned from life's experiences, you the lessons that you have internalized. A true man lives with his truth. and the rest, it is all distractions.

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