Where Does Change Begin?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 17, 2018, Georgia, USA

When tragedy strikes people demand change. When nothing changes but people are dissatisfied, people demand change. 

People demand change but they do not cause change. People want change but they themselves do not change. It is an old saying that we must become the change that we want. In reality we just demand that others change, that others do.

We can look back at the late 1940's and 1950's and see Americans who joined the Communist party. Yes, they were guilty of treason, yes, they were guilty of espionage but no they were not guilty of what most of us are guilty of. They were not guilty of the charge of indifference. 

They saw human suffering. They saw people going hungry. They saw grown men eating out of garbage cans and they decided to do something about it. Later on they admitted that they were "Duped" , they had actually fallen prey to the Soviet propaganda and they believed that helping the USSR would bring world peace and a better life for the common hard working man. 

They were wrong but they had acted out of genuine concern for mankind. They were not guilty of indifference. We are

In the USA since the beginning of 2018, barely a month and half, there have been 8 active shooting incidents killing dozens of people. And yet we do not see an increase in attendance at Self Defense/Krav Maga schools. 

How can this be?

The great killer is indifference. 

Even the father of one of the girls in who witnessed the recent mass killing in Florida who went on a public rampage against the governor admitted that "had it been in Kentucky or some other state I would not have even noticed".

We are guilty of the crime of indifference. 

Say what you will about Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, perhaps they could not predict the results of their actions, but at least they cared enough to take action. 

Are you prepared to do something? 

"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory."  (Friedrich Engels) 

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