where will it lead us from here  

January 13, 2021

Johnny wakes up 36 years later and wonders where did all those years go? What happened to the wealth, the opportunities, after all he was a rich kid, a Karate champion. He wakes up alone without much to look forward to. He wants his youth back. 

But alas, you can never go home, home is no more, it has changed. 

Music contains powerful messages, Rock and Roll comes from life itself.  Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here? All the dreams we held so close seem to all go up in smoke.  And we ask, where will it lead us from here?

The option of going back in time, correcting mistakes, seizing past opportunities, does not exist in reality. H G Wells wrote of a time machine, but in reality no such device exists. Where will it lead us from here?

Many of us are Johnny, lying on the floor with an empty beer can next to us, wondering, where did it all go? Did it really all go up in smoke? You can't say we're satisfied. The question now is, where does it lead us from here? We need to look to the future. We take our pain, our failings, our letdowns, our disappointments, together with our successes, our victories, our pleasant surprises, our serendipities, and we put it all together, and ask, Where does it lead us from here?

It wasn't all good, it wasn't all bad, but it all was, it was in the past. What is not in the past, is us. We are here in the present and we have to move forward. We will never again be as young as we are right now. But it must all begin with a decision, a decision that we want to move forward, to a future so bright that the past will only be nostalgia, the real glory is ahead.

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