where is the alcojel

April 19, 2021  

Does this solve anything? 

When the Coronavirus was at its peak people were saying, We shall see a new life after all this is over, we shall see greater care one for another, we shall see a greater concern for the environment and the other creatures with whom we are supposed to share this planet.

I said, Bull Crap! Nothing doing, no one, and I mean no one is going to change. There is nothing new under the sun said my ancestor Solomon. 

But we were yet hopeful. We hoped that at least people would develop the habit of washing their hands on a regular basis. Perhaps the stores that were making a fortune off us from selling us Alcojel at inflated prices would continue to offer "free" alcojel at the entrance to their stores so customers could cleanse their hands before shopping and touching everything. After all, how much would it cost them? They buy it at vastly reduced bulk wholesale prices, if they put out a few of those per day, would it really hurt their profits?

But now they are gone. 

In Israel, at least for now, it appears the virus is pretty much gone. The panic is gone for the moment, people are coming out of their cocoons and rediscovering life, and...it seems we are almost back to normal. But clearly we are not out of the woods; the airports are basically closed or limited, tourists still cannot enter, entire industries, such as Krav Maga, are still suffering. And yet there are no more alcojel to be found outside of stores.

So the one hope I had, that having easily accessible hand wash cleansing stuff would create a healthier environment, did not come to fruition. I recall Mike Huckabee had a plan to make it easier for people to do the right thing; rather than fines for littering he made trash bins readily available where they were most needed, i.e. he made it easy for people to make the right choice. Having alcojel near places that sell food, or anything, would help develop a culture of washing our hands, and yet, before the Virus is even close to being over, we have already lost this opportunity. 

Why? Can't they afford to put a little bit back? Is it that expensive? If so, leave a jar for coins, donations. Clean hands save lives. In the USA a study found that all those screens for ordering fast food were contaminated with human feces, clearly people are not washing their hands. This is a serious health hazard, why can't we put some of those profits back into protecting the public health?

As a Krav Maga instructor the lesson for me is quite clear, and very sad; humans cannot be trained very well, people do not learn, people forget faster than monkeys. We are like the monkeys were are unhappy on the rainy days and vow to build shelter, but as soon as the sun comes out they just want to play. They play until it rains again, and they complain bitterly about their fate. Sadly, we are no better.

A women is brutally beaten by her husband, and women take to the streets. They protest. How odd! Instead of marching on Washington, march directly to the dojo, your Krav Maga instructor is patiently waiting for you, and eager to teach you, but where are you?

And as soon the initial anger wears off, those protests stop. Everyone goes back to their daily routine. A woman is lying in a hospital bed, she will never be the same, another is in the morgue, but it shall pass and you shall forget. The Virus is not yet gone in Israel but the alcojel is gone. We have learnt nothing, and this is very sad.

Are you among those who stands on the side and forgets? Or are you one of those rare individuals who will actually do something?

I have already made my choice.

You want a change in society? Become the change that you want to see. Be the example, not the crybaby.

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