Who is Protecting You?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 18, 2017, Israel

Growing up I had the feeling that I was always protected. Not everyone is so fortunate. I was blessed with wonderful parents who always gave me the feeling of security and well being. No matter the world could dish out at me I knew my parents would make it right. We learn from our parents.

I knew that no matter what financial issues came up my dad would reach into his wallet and make it all right. No matter what horrible things might transpire at school, or later on at work, my parents would be there with a cure.

And then we are on our own. Suddenly we discover that the torch has been passed and we are the next generation. Now it is our turn to make things right for others, now it is our turn to reach into our wallets and into our hearts.

But we must face reality, and we must teach this reality.

Yes, many of us are fortunate to have our guardian angels but sooner or later we discover that we must face the world on our own. And we must ask the question, Who is protecting us?

Who is protecting us from evil?

Well, we would like to believe that our governments are protecting us. And we would like to believe that the United Nations is protecting us. (Sorry, hard to laugh at that one), and NATO, and our police and the various righteous organizations like the ACLU, and the military.

But really now. Yes, they all do provide some sort of security. We are not living in the Dark Ages where piracy was a given and we had to live within the security of walled cities. Most of us can walk down our streets feeling fairly safe. This is not the wild west and disputes are not settled by duels. Yes, the world basically is a lot safer than it was in the past. But still...

Are we safe?

Are we protected?

The answer is we are only protected to a limited extent.

We face new dangers. In the hi tech age we can be attacked in cyber space by unknown enemies. We can have our reputations ruined and our accounts hacked. We can even have our identities stolen.

Who is protecting us? Really no one ...but ourselves. We have to take extra precautions, protect ourselves legally with ironclad guarantees. We have to be aware of a whole new class of troubles. And we have to realize that we must stand up for ourselves.

Parents, they are amazing, they will protect us as long as they can, as much as they can but a day will come when they will no longer be able to do this, so therefore they must teach us and teach us well.

When I was a young boy my dad said, Son, you will have to learn to stand up for yourself. And so true this is. The world can be a very cruel place indeed. There are many dangers of many different types lurking everywhere, on the street and in the internet. We have to be ready.

Check all your accounts and make sure no one "accidentally" overcharged you.

Make sure your plumber, car mechanic, electrician and air conditioning repair man are actually doing what they should be doing and billing you correctly. No one is protecting you. Fraud is a way of life for many people.

Make sure your health care provider is only billing you for necessary services. Be alert at all times, everyone is after you money!

Krav Maga is more than just physical self defense, it is an attitude of not being a victim, to any sort of crime. Do not be bamboozled into a bad insurance policy, do not be tricked into having work done on you or your home or your car that you don't really need. Be aware at all times.

Who is protecting you? Who is looking out for your interests? The sad truth is no one. Therefore you must do it. You must learn to protect yourself, you must put aside money for the future, for retirement, you must take care of you health. Always remember that in all matters of life, physical, emotional and financial it is you who are the first line of defense.

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