Work Harder
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 25, 2017, composed during flights, airports, Austria, Israel

Truth is absolute and universal. Thomas Jefferson said, I am a great believer in luck, and the harder I work the more luck I have.

Now this does not mean that working hard is a guarantee for success, nor does it mean that luck is never a factor.

Two young men can meet a successful entrepreneur on a flight and strike up a conversation. At the end the boss gives both his business card and says, "Keep in touch", that is indeed a stroke of good fortune, but the question is what happens next?

Do you lose the card, or call him? Do you follow up, and if you secure a job what comes next?

Luck is a window of opportunity, the decision to open the window and let the sunshine in is up to us. Life is a combination of luck and hard work and there are never any guarantees. 

They say in martial arts out of every 1,000 students who put on a white belt 4-5 will someday wear the black belt. When I was a brown belt my teacher told us that he wants to see us hungry. I was hungry. Nothing stood in my way of earning that black belt, nothing.

I gave up my social life, I gave up parties and functions, I turned down jobs and I paid! (Do not expect your black belt for free, you pay with blood, sweat, tears and money).

On the flight to Austria there is a movie about the race to space between the US and the USSR, who will reach the moon first?

The first round goes to the Soviets. The Americans are devastated. The team leader asks why. Why did we lose this fight?

The answer is important and universal. So listen up if you want to be a winner.

The leader asked how did we end up in second place in a two man race? Now these days the second place guy goes out feeling like a winner and showing off his big trophy. But an honest man faces the truth and asks what is the value of being second place in a two man race? None at all.

Reality is always a two man race and second place counts for nothing. First place has a job and money. Second place goes home empty handed.

Why did we lose? He asks his American team. Are we less intelligent. Friends, this is the "Fight of our lives, not a joy ride"! Treat it that way or go home. How bad do you want it?

Whether it is reaching the moon, getting that job or earning your black belt you have to ask yourself this question: how bad do you want it? Is this a joy ride or the fight of your life?

Second place in a two man race is no place to be.

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