Yes, no, maybe

 July 20, 2016

Are you OK? Yes, and, No, but...maybe.

High and low, Yes, and No, and ...Maybe.

We live our lives. There is much uncertainly, there is too much confusion, sometimes it is all a purple haze. Yes, no, Maybe. Hello I must be going. 

Are you feeling alright? Well, how should I be feeling? What is the right feeling for this situation? Well, yes, but no, or perhaps I am not sure or perhaps I disagree.

We muddle through life and try to find a clear path. But perhaps there is no clear path, perhaps it is always a matter of making due, of finding our own path through the woods. Perhaps we have to step on thorns and branches and leaves and forge our own way through the mess.


We ask for a clear path. We demand a clear path, we want to know that to expect. OK, So I go to kindergarten, then twelve years of school, then the military, college, graduate school, and then I get a job, get married, have children. Do I have it all correct? Anything else I should know? 

Well, it all seems like a good plan, on paper. 

You know how to make God laugh? Tell him your plans. 

I have seen step by step self-defense books, but rarely does a real life encounter look anything like that. He punches, you block only works that way in the movies or in choreographed instructional videos. So we have an outline, we develop tools but we do not go into battle with a plan written on a stone tablet. God writes on stone, the rest of us bring along an eraser, just in case.

Is this the correct way? Yes, well no, but perhaps, maybe. We address the confusion, we work in the fog because the fog is the reality of life. We cannot always wait for the fog to clear, we have to work through it. We have to accept that sometimes we live in a fog, until the rain comes and clears things up, and if the rain doesn't come...we get our tan by standing in the English rain. 

If we wait for complete clarity we might be waiting our entire lives, forever. No one can give clear answers. Should I purchase this car now? Should I buy this house? Invest in this business? Marry this woman? The answer is rarely clear. There are no guarantees in life and none of us were born with a crystal ball. Had we been born with all this knowledge there would be no failed business, no need for divorce lawyers, and no need for counseling. But we are born into confusion. We are born into doubt and that is the hand we are dealt and that is the hand we must play. For life is a game of Russian roulette. We make decisions every day, and many of them will be mistakes.

Are you OK? Well Yes, but No, actually maybe. Maybe this is just the state of being, so I am OK, and tomorrow is a bright new day. So Chico it will be OK.  

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