You Should Leave
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 8, 2016, Israel

Jean Claude Van Damme, as an old man in "The Quest"

An old man walks into a bar, the bartender says "a cup of coffee?". The man with the cane answers, "Thank you". His voice betrays years of hardship, a life that was not easy but one worth living. His voice sounds weak and tired.

The kindly bartender suggests adding a little whisky to the coffee. Kindness, warmth between two gentleman.

"From around here?" some causal friendly conversation follows, the older gent answers, "From a long time ago".

"You just down over there, relax, make yourself at home and I will bring you your coffee."

That is how things should be, how they ought to be, but they are not always this way.

An older gentleman should be treated with a special respect, you just sit down there and I will bring you your coffee. There is a little extra effort, a little extra courtesy. As my Aunt Esther used to say, age has its privileges.

The older gentleman sits down but a few young thugs walk in. They "make their living" but robbing good decent hard working folks. It ain't right.

But there is a lot in this world that is not right and, try as we may we cannot change that. But we can prepare ourselves.

Looking down at his coffee but address the young thugs the old man quietly says "You should leave". The young men laugh. The old man nods his head, "now".  The leader of the losers walks up to him and says, "What are you going to do old man?"

Now that is a good question, one each and every one of us should ask ourselves.

Yes, this is from a movie, but some movies have a valuable message. In this film the older man, who is really a young actor, takes action. Before long the bad guys are sprawled all over the place.

Some movies are only for entertainment, others inspire. This scene inspires me. I want to train people so that an old man can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a little whisky and not fear the Losers who prefer not to work.

I have developed a system that suits your body, at any age, so that old and young can relax and enjoy their coffee.  You have that right.

The calm confidence, the dignity, You should leave now...the old gent says. But where does that calmness come from? is it only for the movies or is it a reality?

It is real. But it takes training, training of the mind and the body. It takes a change of life style. It will not happen for those who say they have no time. And it will not happen for those who fear a challenge or a little discomfort. It must start with a new way of thinking. Self defense begins with our mind. And the body will follow.

I have heard many stories, of old men, war veterans, who even in their old age were able to teach young idiots a valuable lesson. This is the goal of IKI. We are not only for the young and tough. Some of our best instructors are over 60. And some of our students have passed the age of 80.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?"  And thus our story begins...

We all admire great skill, and we wish we had that skill, but all we can come up with, is...Where did you learn that? Where did you learn to speak Italian so well and get us out of a jam? Where did you learn to drive that way and save our lives? Where did you learn to ...fill in the blank.

The answer is always the same, it starts with an attitude, and it continues with hard work over a long period of time. And then others will look at you in amazement, as if you possess some magical powers, where did you learn...

We learn it by using the same skills we all have; but first we must fix our attitude.

Calm strength, confidence back by skill, there is nothing like it.

Start your quest today.

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