Your Day to be a Hero

November 16, 2023, Israel


From the daily Israeli news broadcast, some of the weapons found in the car of the terrorists from Hebron, Hamas members. Note the Israeli military pants. Note how many magazines there were for the M 16 rifle. The caption reads, "Police commissioner, based on the amount of ammunition, a massacre was planned, Awareness prevented a major attack. 


From the daily Israeli news broadcast, some of the weapons found in the car of the terrorists from Hebron, Hamas members. 

We train, in whatever our field is. We train hard but never know when our day, our moment, will come. The day may come when the coach hands you the ball and says, "Kid, take the mound, you are pitching today". It will come without warning, and hopefully you are prepared, hopefully your training has prepared you for this moment, for this may be your moment of glory. For Lital Shartzman, that day was today. Lital is a trained professional paramedic, this morning she was driving along in Jerusalem when the car in front of her stopped. Police had suspected something, they have their ways, and asked the car to stop. In Israel this is standard, we have roadblocks all over the country, for the security of the people, we understand this and take the delays with understanding and patience. When the car was told to pull over, the terrorists decided to act. They had planned a major attack in Jerusalem but...they were discovered early. They figured they should make the best of a bad situation and at least kill a few people here on the Jerusalem Road. (Based on the ammunition and gear discovered, it was clear they were planning a much bigger attack, they had Israeli army uniforms, tons of ammunition, and dates, i.e. the dates were for energy, i.e. it was to be a prolonged attack. 

When the car in front of Lital stopped, the terrorists came out of the car. She is trained to be alert, and she was. She realized the danger and that soon there would be many injured people to deal with. She immediately called for emergency services and informed them of the great need and urgency. She also told them to call the police for backup. 

She knew it was dangerous to leave the car, but she monitored the situation. She saw that the police neutralized two of the terrorists but that one had tried to escape in another direction. She opened her window and called out to the police to watch the terrorist; he was taken care of. Next, she called out that she was a paramedic and was coming to help. She immediately took charge of the situation. 

There were seven injured people, she needed to see who needed the most urgent care, such is the procedure. She took several soldiers and told them what to look for as she began looking at the first victim. Thus, she was able to understand whom to treat first and who could wait a little longer. Sadly one of the soldiers died of his injuries, but the others were saved, and the terrorists were eliminated. 

Today Lital was a hero, today she saved lives. We never know when our moment will come, when the coach, the Big Man upstairs, looks at us and says, "Kid, today is your big day" and places the ball in your mit, and says, "Go get 'em kid!"

We must train, we must be ready, for we never know when our day will come. 


Moshe Katz, 7th dan Black Belt, Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by Wingate Institute. Member Black Belt hall of fame, USA and Europe.

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