Your Day of glory will come 

May 24, 2021, Israel

Today two Israeli were stabbed by a terrorist, a boy of 17. That terrorist is now dead, shot by a well trained Israeli border police officer, this was his second successful "neutralization" of the year. 

Skill matters, belts, we will get to that. The attacker, the terrorist, I do not believe he was well trained. The two people he stabbed were 21, and 23 years of age, one was an active soldier. 

Skill matters. The Border Police officer acted as he was trained, closed the distance, made sure no innocent people were in danger, took a shot. 

Killing a terrorist, now that is a moment of glory. The officer's name is not known, but those who need to know, know. 

Rewind a few decades, I am a young man, wearing my brown so long that it begins to look white. I am preparing for my black belt. My teacher Itay Gil knows how hard I am working, a teacher sees these things. I never say a word about a belt, but he knows I am thinking about it. Others earn their black belts, I am attending every possible class. Others earn their black belts, I am running, climbing stairs, lifting weights. Others earn their black belts, I am training hard, fighting full contact several times per week. 

I say nothing but Itay knows. He looks at me and says, "Moshe, your day of glory will come."

He meant that my day of being awarded my black belt will come, but did he know of the other glory? Did he know I would travel the world teaching Krav Maga? Did he know I would publish many books about Krav Maga, be interviewed on TV, Radio, and magazines all over the world? Did he know that twice I would be awarded Teacher of the Year award, in the USA and Europe?

But that was not and is not the real glory. The glory is knowing how many lives I have touched, the good I have done.

But let's go back in time, to that fit young man, putting in 20 -30 hours per week of active training. Wearing my brown belt proudly, day in, day out, quietly doing my work. I said nothing, but my teacher Itay said....Moshe, your day of glory will come

We all want our belts, we all want our ranks, and when do we want them? Now, or sooner. When I was a brown belt I remember fantasizing that perhaps one day I would be in the park training, and by chance some grand master would walk by, notice me and stay and watch my training. Then he would come over and offer me a black belt in his system. In fact I was offered a black belt by another instructor but I wisely turned it down.

I waited actively, patiently, I trained, my time would come, and when it would come, it would be the right time. 

As an instructor of many years and thousands of students I see this all the time; many instructors believe that their students are the best, they are far superior to the other clubs, they deserve higher ranks. Many students are eager for the next rank, if they don't get it, well they might jump ship, there will always be another instructor or association that will gladly give you the rank you want, as long as you join them.

Remember, your day of glory will come, at the right time, not a day sooner. I am glad I put in the time, perhaps even a little extra time, but looking back I know that I earned it, I KNOW that I earned it. And those that earned their belts before me...well, the last shall be first and the first shall be last. 

Wait, be patient, but be actively patient, train hard and...your day of glory will come. Mine certainly has.

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