Your Fate in Your Hands

November 5, 2022, TLV Airport, Business lounge, Israel


Taking your fate into your own hands, Moshe teaching in Ukraine. 

There was a time, a time that lasted a very long time, when most human beings enjoyed little or no freedom. They were born into a certain position in life, a certain status, and that is exactly where they would stay their entire lives. We, however, live in an age of unprecedent universal freedom. You can make your own fate. You can choose your own lifestyle, your own profession. You can move freely to most countries. Most of us take this for granted and do not understand that until recently this was nearly unthinkable. 

As a university student I studied political and economic philosophy, as the years roll by, I have lived these philosophies. Many involved the search for the perfect form of government, the kind that will look out for the welfare of the people, from Plato's philosopher king to John Locke's Liberalism, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Social contract, and yet utopia has never been achieved on a national level. 

John Lennon spoke of politics as the idea of; we go to the "Daddy Pond", we choose a daddy that looks tall and handsome, we expect great things of him, and when he ultimately fails, as all do, we pelt him with tomatoes and yell "Bad Daddy".

But no one is going to save you. Some may help you, but in the end, it is your life, and your choices. It is time to take your fate in your own hands, because no one else will. That is the bottom line. Yes, social reformers have indeed made a great difference, but when you are expecting someone else to take care of you, provide for you, protect you; you are going down a very dangerous path. Communism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, are just some of the evil possibilities that lurk behind this dependency. 

Translated into self-defense terms the message is clear, you must train in self-defense. We call it Krav Maga, you can call it whatever you want. You are responsible for your own safety, no one else. The government should provide a good army, the state should provide a quality police force, beyond that, it is up to you. and now the question is when to start.

Let us take an example from the financial field. I know many people who as singles felt they can spend all their money, on themselves. Why not? enjoy life, there are no children to support, no one else to consider. When they get married, they start concerning themselves with saving money, with putting money aside for the future, with building a savings/investment portfolio. 

I see many such couples struggling. First, they have no skills when it comes to money management. They earn enough but have no budgeting skills and never seem to have enough to save. If a sudden expense comes along, or the income is unexpectedly reduced, they cry out for help, they are totally unprepared for a crisis. They expect and demand an outside source to rescue them.

And then there are others. There are those who believe that saving begins at birth. The child is born, and the parents set up a bank account. This account is intended for the future, not the teenage years for the young one to waste it on frivolous activities or shopping, but for the more distant future; a down payment on a home, a car so that one can drive to work, investments. One does not need to wait until marriage to learn financial responsibility. 

In the Gracie jujitsu family, it is known that training begins in childhood, and their martial art is at first practiced as a game. It becomes part of their lifestyle; it is as basic as learning to read and write. Such we are told that it was with our Patriarch Abraham, that all members of his household were trained in the art of war, such it was in many societies, training began in childhood and was seen as normal. Training continued throughout one's lifetime. 

It is for you to take responsibility, it is for you to take your own safety, your own well-being in your own hands. Ultimately your fate is in your own hands. 

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