Airport Awareness 
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

February 21, 2014.

Delta airlines flight 2408, ATL - JFK

Coffee served...

It is a quiet flight but a bit bumpy; OK, as long as we get home safely. (as it turns out there would be quite an ordeal until we take land safely at JFK).

Long tour, five weeks, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, USA, 22 seminars, just want to get home safe. I am thinking about AA - Airport Awareness, including of course the flight itself.

On my previous flight (ATL - VPS) I recall the passengers around me. On my right was an attractive young blond in an air force uniform. Next to her in seat E next to the window was an overweight fellow flying home to Ottawa, Canada. In front of us , was a Korean woman with two adorable children, a girl with Mickey Mouse stuff and a boy with all the Spiderman items.

Behind us to my left was a young woman with orange shoes who had no "off" switch. Miss chatterbox was on "Go" the entire flight.

I notice things, I notice people. This is how we were raised in Israel. This is how we survive. Noticing someone or something can be the difference between life and death for us all.

Awareness leads to safety. I noticed at the airport many women in high-heel shoes. What on earth is that all about? Who raised these mindless creatures? What if there were attack at the airport, like the Lod airport massacre, who would they run away? Or would they be able to be part of the solution and storm the attackers?

What about all the travelers in flip flops? What are they thinking? the answer is they are simply not thinking about safety. Simple minds.

A few days ago at the Atlanta airport I noticed a woman who left her hand luggage and personal bag unattended and the personal handbag was left wide open.

I watched closely of course. She went to the reception desk. While she was away I commented to a fellow passenger that this woman had left her bags unattended and I felt this was terribly irresponsible. She agreed and said, "In fact her handbag is wide open, and her phone is visible. Someone can easily steal it."

I said, "That does not concern me in the least. What concerns me is that someone can easily drop a time or distance detonated bomb in her bag and kill us all."

Different way of thinking.

Rome - At the airport I noticed an unattended bag, quite large in fact. I watched it for a few minutes. No one came to claim it. I alerted a nearby flight attendant, she reacted immediately. I was impressed. She began to dial the police and as she did she also called out to see if it belonged to anyone. Sure enough the mindless owner of the bag was sipping coffee nearby. Words were exchanged. 

He was clearly unaware of the panic he could have caused, well at least in Israel it would cause panic, but I guess not in Rome. They should be more aware. 

We look at things differently. We see things differently. This is our legacy and heritage.

This sort of awareness, in airports and everywhere, is an integral part of our IKI Krav Maga training. Sadly this is lacking in many other systems.

Many styles focus on push ups and boxing drills, high kicks and splits. 

But we are not about sports, gymnastics or calisthenics. Those are all great but we focus on survival.  

On the cover of a recent martial arts magazine I happened to notice photos of masters doing high kicks, jumping side kicks etc. I do not know what these have to do with real self defense for people of all ages and sizes.

Today's' Krav Maga drill - Notice the people around you, pay attention to aware.

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