Apologize or Fight
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 21, 2014, Israel

Ze'ev, Vladimir Jabotinsky. A giant who once walked this earth.

Excuse me sir, no harm intended. Pardon me.

Yes, there is always room to diffuse a situation with calming words but there is a point when you, as an individual must decide to be a mouse or a man, to apologize for your very existence or to fight back. Yes, at a certain point you must make a choice, as an individual or as a nation. And this choice will make all the difference.

For 2,000 years Jews apologized. They put themselves down, flattered the Muslim or the Christian, belittled themselves. The rabbis called it "Dancing before the Parutz" or dancing before the degenerate Gentile ruler.

If he wants you to dance and mock yourself, do so, at least you will live.

And then a change took place, and then giants walked the earth. Men like the great, larger then life, Vladimir "Ze'ev" Jabotinsky. Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky.

And "Jabo" traveled the length and breadth of Europe and issued his "11th commandment" as he became a modern day Moses, "Jewish youth learn to shoot!".

And he said we need to change. He wrote his novel Samson and told his people it is time to return to our old ways. He told us to learn to laugh, and to learn to fight!!

A time comes when one must stop apologizing for his basic right to live.

World, here is a news flash. We have come home. We have been your guests since the Romans exiled us. We have wandered the earth as an exiled man and we have now come home. We know that our neighbors do not want us here, that's too bad for them for we are here to stay.

The ironic thing is that our enemies all around the world support our enemies here in the Middle East but they do not realize that if the Arabs have their way we will all be sent back to Europe. But Europe does not want us. It is in your interest to support our right to live here.

But then again I have stopped looking for logic in this world. And, I have stopped apologizing.

There is an old joke, two Jews are about to be executed for the terrible crime of being born Jews. The kind executioner asks, "Any last requests?"

One of the doomed Jews turns to his friend and says, "I would like to ask for blindfolds". The other rebukes him, "Stop those unreasonable demands, it will only make things worse".

Yes, well, come to Israel and I will show you how to take that gun away and turn it on your executioner. The Old Jew is back!!!

Samson, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Yiftah the Giladi, Ehud the Judge, we are back!

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