Bad Krav Seminars - What Not to Do
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

I have written a great deal about how to organize a successful Krav Maga seminar, planning a successful event , and thank goodness there have been many of these. But, there have also been many poorly planned events, which is unfortunate. I want to address that issue today.

What Not to Do

1. Forget to pick up the instructor at the airport, always fun to be at the airport wondering what the heck happened!

2. Tell the instructor, "When you land, just look for a taxi or a bus or a train." Truly there is nothing more enjoyable than arriving tired at a new location, sometimes not speaking the language, carrying three pieces of heavy luggage, and trying to find public transportation. Transferring trains is also great fun when carrying heavy luggage.

3. Book the flight at the last minute. Nothing like the stress and anxiety of not knowing the details until the very last minute. This also does not allow for proper planning in terms of organizing one's paperwork.

Things Not to say Upon Arrival

1. We just had a major event, it was a huge success. We have not really had much time to work on your seminar, don't worry, I am sure some people will show up.

2. I have been really busy with other things (i.e. more important things), so I have not had the time to really devote to promoting your seminar.

3. I kind of "dropped the ball" on this one, so much going on in my life at the moment.

Things not to do at the seminar

1. Forget to offer the instructor a drink, in my case a latte.

2. Allow people to wander in at any time.

3. Serve food (other than drinks) during training, (this has only happened at colleges).

Things not to do After the Seminar

1. Forget to pay the instructor

2. Make the instructor actually have to ask to be paid.

3. When the instructor asks for the check have a look on your face like "oh my God! was that something I should have taken care of?" (only happened at colleges.) 

4. Ask the instructor for an invoice, that should have been done about three weeks earlier. (when he was at home in his office with a computer and a printer, not on the road.)

All this is being offered as friendly advice.

Here is a tip; Keep the instructor happy, and for the very same price you will have a much better seminar. Give him a chance to relax and unwind, traveling is not easy, it takes it's toll, especially if you have been on the road for six or seven weeks. Remember, the instructor is your guest. A well rested, well fed, instructor will give you more bang for the buck.