krav maga black belt requirements

Le Istruzioni in Italiano

The essence of Krav Maga is practical simplicity. As such it is not so much how many techniques you know, but how well you execute and apply the techniques that you know. In a real life situation it is not the number of techniques that matter but the confidence and aggressiveness with which they are applied.

The main difference between a black belt and a brown belt is not the number of techniques but the expertise in which they are applied.

Important: Unlike many other Krav Maga associations IKI does not offer "rank equivalency", in other words; although you may be a third dan with Krav Maga IKXYFthis does not mean that you can join IKI with that rank or even test for that rank. No one skips any black belt levels. Everyone must test for Black Belt first dan.

It is important to note that you will not be tested on Krav Maga techniques that you have learned from other Krav Maga Associations. We only test you on IKI techniques.

In addition you must be an active, paid up, member of IKI. Black Belt candidates are expected to own the IKI DVD's. If you are missing a technique you need for your test, and it is not on one of our DVD,s,  you can request this technique and it will be sent to you via e mail video clips.

How To Test:  You can test in person or via video. You can send in your video via e mail, DVD or YouTube, or Drop Box..

Fee:  There is a one time fee of $280. I spend many hours reviewing your clips, and, if necessary, I send out detailed comments on what needs to be improved and how. 

There is no Failure!  You simply might have to resubmit certain clips/techniques, without ever paying again, until you have reached the appropriate level. 


Defense Vs. Unarmed Attackers

Straight wrist grab (Jinga)  

Cross hand wrist Grab

Choke from Front 

Choke from Back

Choke from Side 

Rear Naked Choke 

Head lock from Side

Head lock from Front


Being Pushed

Bear Hug from Front

Bear Hug from Back

Bear Hug from Side

Hair Grab - Front, Back.

Shirt Grab 


IKI Street Combatives Material covered on the IKI DVD - "IKI Street Combatives

Defense Vs. All forms of striking: Punching, Kicking, Elbows, Knees 

Attacks and counter attacks for the street


Note: All techniques to be demonstrated from the three distances as explained in Gun Defense Vol. One.  (See DVD page)

Hand gun to front of head,

Gangster style gun threat to head

Gun pointed at stomach; one hand,

Gun pointed at stomach using double hand grip.

Gun pointed at stomach gangster style, touching (pushing) or slight distance.

Gun pointed at the side of the head

Gun pointed at the back of the head

Gun Defense while Seated

Gun Defense while both are seated

Gun Defense while seated at desk and attacker is standing, (frontal threat) using desk

Gun defense while seated, person sitting next to you pulls out gun.

Gun pointed at your stomach (he is standing, you are sitting) Gun pointed at you by person is sitting next you.

Gun pointed at you while seated and people are seated at both sides of you.

Gun pointed at your knee, right side, left side.

Airplane Hostage Situations

Third party defense, rescuing a hostage

Other Weapons

Defense vs. stick; in all directions and to all parts of the body.

Defense vs. Baseball bat,

Knowledge of kobutan self defense key chain

Defense Vs. Long Weapons, rifle, shotgun, Garden Fork.



Knife Threats

Refer to DVD "Defense vs. Knife Threats"

Horizontal Knife threats: with shirt grab, with arm grab, with cross hand grab, against the wall, on the ground.

Knife threat to the side of the neck: with shirt grab, with arm grab, with cross hand grab, against the wall, on the ground.

Back hand threat

Threat from behind, under chin

Threat from behind under chin while pulling you back Threat from behind, side of neck

Knife to the back

Knife pointed at stomach

Knife pointed at side of neck

knife attacks

Defense vs all knife attacks.

ground fighting techniques and strategies

Down and Dangerous series

Defense vs.



Side Control,

Triangle Choke,

Rear Naked chokes

Leg locks

Opponent on your back

 Pay for black belt test  $280