Black Belt Tests Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 20, 2017

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions is....

What do I need to do for Black Belt. And although I feel I have answered this on the website many times in many ways I will spell it out here in simple English. If you do not speak English there are excellent automatic online translations.

1. What does it cost?

The cost for first dan black belt is listed on the website. Please pay before you test. You can pay on the membership page.

2. Why have I chosen this price?

My teacher Itay Gil taught me that one must want the black belt. One must be hungry for the black belt, one must work very hard, one must sacrifice for the black belt.This is a lesson I have internalized.

Believe it or not there are those who think they can receive an honorary black belt for free or for some symbolic price. Not happening here!

If I were a billionaire I would still charge for the black belt, because you need to pay.This is for you, not me. This is actually not about the money.

I wanted an Ibanez guitar. I was a student. I did not have the money. But I wanted it! What did I do? Beg for a discount? No, I worked hard. I went looking for a job and found a job working in a school. I worked evenings and weekends. I started as a cleaner, they gave me the worst jobs, I cleaned the toilets, I washed the kids sticky desks. If it matters to you then you will make every effort.

When we train we always say, Do not give yourself discounts, i.e. do not allow yourself the easy way out, the easy way will not bring you any honor or self respect.

As Van Halen wrote, "If you want it you have to bleed for it". I bled for all my ranks, in every possible way.

I want you to pay for the black belt, with your blood, sweat and tears and cash. You have to pay for it. You have to make a sacrifice. If not, you do not really want it, you are not really black belt material.

3. What are the requirements?

You must own all the IKI DVDs. Why? Because the material you need is on those DVDs. Can you take a college course without buying the books? I think not. Every semester I dreaded the cost of buying books but I never questioned the need for the books. Why can't I just take notes in class? Isn't that enough?? Do you want to "just get by" or do you really want to know the material?

You must be a member of IKI on line and receive the daily clips. But why? Because you need to stay up to date, if you wear the IKI Black Belt you represent IKI and you represent your instructor and you represent me personally! So you better not mess up. You must stay up to date.

If your doctor graduated in 1967 but has not read a medical book since, would you let him perform brain surgery on you?

4. What is the procedure?

I want you to send me videos of yourself, not 100 at a time, but a few at a time. This way I can evaluate them and let you know if you are on the correct path or need more time.

Before you send me the videos of yourself I want you to view the video of me and then the video of you and ask yourself - Are these the same? Have an objective friend look at the videos and ask him, Do I look like the teacher, yes or no?

Sometimes I receive video clips and I just cannot figure out what the person was thinking. Make sure you do not waste my time and yours.

5. Make sure you are testing with IKI techniques.

This should be obvious but often people come to IKI and believe that their previous experience in other styles of Krav Maga will give them a quick Black Belt. I do not want to see techniques from other styles of Krav Maga. We are unique. Do not tell me we are "all the same", that is an automatic failure!!!

If you have not figured out yet that IKI is a unique style of Krav Maga then you are NOT ready to test for IKI Black Belt.

Show it SLOW - Anything can look impressive when you do it fast and strong. I want to see first slow and only later fast. I want to see that you understand what you are doing. There is an expression my father used to use, "If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit". When I see someone using speed and muscle I understand that they are trying to baffle me with BS. You can't fool me, I have been around too long. Show it slow, I want to know that you understand the technique, then show it fast.

My teacher never gave any sort of discounts, in fact he tried to make it as hard as possible. You have to show how badly you want this. You have to sacrifice something for it. If you want an easy black belt you can buy one on line quite easily, there are many such sellers, but that is not us.

In fact I raised the price of all our black belts in order to DISCOURAGE people from applying for Black Belt. I do not want applicants who are looking for the "cheap and easy" black belt.

"If you want it, you have to bleed baby" (Van Halen)

6. You should read the book "Israel: A Nation of Warriors". I purchased every book any of my teachers wrote. If you want to understand the style you are training in you should also understand the culture.

7. Highly recommended - Attend Tour and Train in Israel. Live Krav Maga for two weeks. This is the fastest way to progress.

My goal is to raise the threshold so that only serious students will apply for black belts, not "weekend players". You can buy a black belt in a store and print your own certificate, I want our black belts to mean something.

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