Suggested Requirements 

All Techniques from previous belts but more fluid 


GUN - Pistola - arme de poing - אקדח - mano pistola - handpistol

Gun to the Side of the Head pushing, (8 possibilities) (hand on the "inside" or "outside", attacker using near hand or far hand. (As demonstrated on the IKI DVD) 

Gun to the Side of the Head: Distance, and Touching. Gun to the front of the head: 3 Distances (as shown on the IKI Gun Defense DVD)

Gun to the stomach, distance, touching, pushing

Gun to the back of the head, one hand

Gun to the chest

Gun to the ribs

Gun held close to the side of the body (gunman's body)

Hostage Situation 


Knife Attack - Mes aanvallen - Messerangriffe - атаки ножом - התקפת סכין -  Attacco di coltello - Couteau d'attaque - Cuchillo ataque

Defend vs. Two Attackers,

backhand knife attack

Slash as shown in the DVD "Defeat Hamas"

Grab and Stab


Show how the IKI Universal Block can be applied for defense vs: Hook punch, straight punch, overhead knife attack, stick attack, forearm strike, slash and other situations.  Show the advantage of this block over traditional Krav Maga approaches.   

Defense vs. Stick       

Single hand stick attack to head

Double hand stick attack

Baseball bat attack 

Being pushed with stick, 

Being pushed against the wall with stick on your throat  

Take - Downs

Ground techniques; Wide range of control techniques, fighting from the ground, leg take-downs. 

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