brown belt krav maga - rank requirements 

 All techniques from previous belts but more fluid, more confidence.

Hand to Hand Combat - Ability to fight back aggressively using punches, elbow strikes, open hand strikes, kicks and knees. Ability to fight while stepping backwards or forwards.

Kicks - Low Kick, Middle roundhouse kick. Kick kicks from various angles. Front Kick. Side kick. Back kick. 

Empty Handed Threats -

Defense vs. Wrist Grabs (Using the Ginga and other methods) 

Choke holds (Front, Back, Side, Rear naked choke, Sleeper choke)

Shirt grabs.


From ground to standing, against one and multiple opponents.

Defense from the Guard position, the Mount position,

Defense vs. Knife threat, Defense vs Knife attack. 

Defense vs Gun threat.

Defense from being punched while in the Guard and Mount. 

Defense from arm bars on the ground, cross body locks, scarf hold, kesa Gatame, kata Gatame, etc. 

Professor Cohen's Down and Dangerous series.


Defense vs. Gun Threat

пистолет - Geweer - Armes à feu - Pistola - אקדח - Pistole

More advanced techniques, and a greater display of proficiency. The student must know how to defend against: Gun to the front and back of head, gun to side of head, gun to stomach, chest, and ribs.

Know all defenses from three positions: Gun at arm's length, gun at touching distance, gun pushing.

Understand the 2 IKI gun defenses, Up - Down, and Down - Up, and how to apply them. 

Gun straight at neck,

Gun up towards neck, wrist in both positions. Gun to body, poke or point forcefully

Slap and point gun at person, he must learn to ignore the pain and to continue with defense.

Long Guns: Rifle; M-16, Shotgun. Винтовка,  Fucile

Knife Attacks - Mes Aanval - Messer Angriff

Committed Knife Attacks

Straight thrust to mid-section– Slide back, block arm, redirect arm, aggressive strikes to face. (Shut down the computer)

Straight Thrust to chest – Use forearm in a side turning motion, (like uchi uki block), move in aggressively with punches or push him away.

Upper strike - Use IKI Universal Block

Side strike to ribs – from a distance, (double arm block) from close up, (one arm block)

Slash to face,

Back hand slash to stomach (knife hidden behind hand); distance, and close up

Back hand Slash upper strike to torso (double forearm block, control arm or run away)

Grab and Stab series.

Grab Arm (wrist or sleeve) and stab

Trap Arm (Loop) and stab

Grab Shirt and stab

Grab head and stab

Handshake plus grab and stab (cross hand grab) – trapped hand (forearm) blocks strike.

Handshake plus grab and pull, thus exposing ribs (Ukraine), in such a situation you might not be able to use the cross arm forearm defense (as above); jump back, slap block with opposite hand, or kick to stomach.

Knife Threats, 

Know how to use the Jinga to get out of threatening situations.

Knife to throat, knife to side of neck, knife to stomach, threats from the front, threats from the back. 

Threat with shirt grab, threat with choke. 

Knife threat and gun threat, two assailants.

Use the Knife threat DVD plus the videos from the On Line program. 

Against the Wall

Knowing how to apply the gun, knife and empty handed situations with your back to the wall.

Third Party Protection

Involving guns, knives and empty handed

 Hostage Situations 

Seated Situations

Involving guns, knives and empty handed

Multiple Attackers

Involving guns, knives and empty handed

Kobutan – Self Defense Key Chain

Straight hand grab - press on thumb, pull forward,

Cross hand grab - point on back of hand, either release or counter grab and control.

Cross hand grab when you already have Kobutan in your hand.Bear Hug from behind – poke, or strike, or hit knuckles, or scratch across the back of the hand.

Back hand grip, strike, claw (back of neck)

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