Can You Tell?
By Moshe Katz

April 1, 2015, Israel

What can you really know?

We look at people, we listen to their words but do we really know them? Do we know what they are going through? Can we truly understand them?

No, we cannot, but yet we judge. And we judge harshly.

Do you think you can tell?

We are all lost souls in a way, running over the same old ground, same old fears.

Can we know? What do we know?

We look but cannot see. We hear but do not understand. And yet we jump to conclusions.

Are we standing in another man's shoes? Do we truly know the path he has walked? Do we see the scars on his feet, the bruises, the pain?

We do not. We are too self-focused.

Are you feeling down? Perhaps I can ease your pain, perhaps I have been there too.

Allow someone to understand. Pain is universal.

I have a friend, an old classmate, today he was transferred to a hospice, his time is limited. Do we feel the pain of another?

Do we know the intent of another? Does our lack of knowledge slow us down from snap judgements?

Can you stand up? Are you feeling strong? Come on it's time to go.

What do we see of the other? Do we turn to look long enough to actually see anything?
Do we see the dream of another? Do we see the heart?

Do not shatter the dream of another.

Be kind, you never know what battle someone else is fighting. Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest.

Take a moment to listen, do you hear anything? Or have your own thoughts muffled your hearing?

Is there anyone there? Is there anybody out there?

What can we feel?  What can we hear? Open your eyes...

Let your words lift someone up, not take them down..

Let your spirit raise theirs, not crush it