Does Krav Maga Work?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

I have been teaching Krav Maga for many years. Over this time I have heard many stories that start with, "Good news and bad news". The bad news is the person was attacked and the good news is that the IKI Krav Maga techniques that they used proved totally effective.

It is always with mixed emotions that I receive this news.

Over the years I have heard many stories. I am sure that for each story I was told there are many more that no one ever told me. Here I will bring you only a few stories. The first is an actual letter I received. 

In all the stories I will not include the name or the details of the person. This is not because these are "invented" stories but rather out of respect for the privacy of each individual. Each story is 100% true. I am not a writer of fiction.

The first story is the actual letter I received. English is not this woman's first language. This woman is in her early 30's, attended only one 5 hour seminar with me, which I taught in Spanish, and yet only 3 weeks later she had the opportunity to put her training to use. As you will see, she succeeded. 

Moshe... I live one blook away from my mothers home, today I went to the doctor and I was in my home with my son, we dinner with my Mom in her home...

so my son and I we walked down the street when a man approached with a motorcycle helmet, I thought he would ask for the location of a street, but he pushed me against the wall and pointed a gun directly at the front of my head.

He said 'Give me your iPhone', and my first reaction was be scary, but then as you taught me I remove the gun, which fell under a parked car, but he still struggling, and that's when I turn kick strength his wrist, sounded horrible, after that he went to a bike when he released I felt and scrape a knee.

My son at that intermediate ran for help. In front is a funeral service company and many people there helped us to get to my mom's house. We went to the police who were on the scene and picked up the gun. Fear and fire ... fear and anger ...
My sister Tania scolded me, she told me that I should not act like a man, to remember that it was a woman. My aunt not comment much, but my mother beg me to not risk myself.

Nothing happened ... somehow ... you saved me. 
For your techniques of IKI Krav Maga, possibly with out that, I would not have iPhone now and would be scared to death.
But no.
I am strong even when sick....

Another fellow, young man in his mid 20's. Very large and overweight. He had been the victim of crime before. He attended only one IKI seminar, for a grand total of 3 hours. Here is his story.

I was in a club in New York. I went to the bathroom and was using the urinal. Suddenly I felt some against the back of my head, it was a handgun.

I was pissed off, I had been held up before and had lost my wallet, my cell phone, my credit card, my driver's license. I was not going to let his happen again after I had all those replaced.

I remembered what you taught us, what we drilled on during the seminar. I turned around and grabbed his arm aggressively, I did not know the technique perfectly but I scared the living day lights out of him. He pulled back and released himself and ran away.

The following story is about a young woman, an Asian woman adopted by a Jewish family in Florida. She stood perhaps 5 feet tall. She became a police officer. At the time of my seminar she had suffered a very bad injury and was unable to train. This did not stop her from attending the seminar.

She drove 2 hours each way just to sit and watch and take notes. 

A few weeks later she told me this story.

I was called in for a case of domestic violence. I arrived on the seen and found a very large man wearing a "Wife beating T shirt". He was large, loud and aggressive. My taser was not working and I did not feel that a handgun was called for. So I called for backup as I tried to diffuse the situation. 

The man approached with a baseball bat. I recalled a move that you demonstrated during the seminar. I blocked his advance, off balanced him and he fell down. I rolled him over and handcuffed him. When my male backups arrived they could not believe that I had handled this guy on my own.

My student had been sent by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome to work with the "disadvantaged" Palestinian (sic) youth. After he has several "unfortunate" incidents involving the youth he was meant to help, he decided to take action; he joined our Krav Maga class in Israel and moved to a Jewish neighborhood. 

One night, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, at the New Gate, he was attacked by three Arab youth. He could tell they had been drinking, despite the fact that Muslims are prohibited from drinking alcohol, and could spell the vodka and beer on their breath. 

Nicole is a small fellow, the type people enjoy picking on, but he is a fighter!

The leader of the group pushed him against the hard bumpy wall of the old city. Nicole performed the IKI defense we had just learned two night earlier. He slammed the assailant into the wall causing him to get cut on his head and begin to bleed. His two brave friends saw the blood and ran. And thus ended the story.

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