Dog Krav Maga
by Moshe Katz, CEO Israeli Krav International

Saturday night, April 19, 2014

Today when I was taking a walk with Ruby I suddenly realized how much one can learn from a dog.

Certainly one can learn from a dog's sense of happiness and excitement, no doubt over there. We go to basically the same place every time but yet she is as enthusiastic and excited as if it were her first visit ever. She explores, she wags her tail and she smiles. She is in her element and totally happy and appreciative. So much we can learn.

But there is more.

She looks around, she checks and explores every corner and she sniffs everything. Yes, all dogs do this, but are we paying attention? We would be well advised to do the same.

When you approach your car, and we cover this during our "Defense In and Around a Car" Tour and Train sessions, what do we do?

We should do the same as a dog. We should sniff around, look around. Yes, we have seen our car a thousand times and it is boring, but perhaps something has changed, perhaps someone has been tampering with our car. Perhaps there is reason for concern.

All over the world car jacking take place. All over the world people are abducted near their cars, but what do we do? We walk in without the slightest concern. If only we were as smart as Ruby!

In the house Ruby is relaxed, because she knows she is with people she can trust. But when someone approaches the door she is all business. She is not lazy!

She jumps up and is at the door, she is checking out the person; friend or foe, and she is ready. Only after "the area has been secured" and "all new guests have passed security" will she relax.

Good dog!

But what do we do? We meet strangers over the internet, believe all the crap they tell us and share personal information on Facebook with people we never met face to face! If only we were as smart as a dog!

Ruby stays in great shape by chasing cats. She never harms them but she does it to stay sharp and on top of her game. In fact if she sees harmless kittens she will be the first to protect them. But when she is on patrol and finds a cat in her territory she give it a good chase, great workout!

If only we were as smart as a dog.

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