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January 26, 2015, Mexico City, updated 2021

What if you wanted to learn to defend yourself but you had limited time available?

What if you truly wanted to teach others to defend themselves but had no time for long courses?

What if you are not the most gifted, talented, athletic type?

What if you are like me and are fed up with fancy professionally made videos on YouTube showing professionally trained dancers or stuntmen doing choreographed "self defense" moves that involve great flexibility, athletic bodies plus years of training, not to mention an equally talented martial arts actor to play your victim? And then this hogwash is touted and advertised as "self defense for everyone". 

Our goal is to deal with reality, the reality of our bodies, the reality of our limited abilities the reality of our limited available time for training and the reality of the violence in the world. As such we dis-invest ourselves of all illusions and delusions and focus only on what is real in life. 

The reality of our existence requires realistic solutions. 

As such our Krav Maga is designed to be simple; simple enough for most people to be able to use it effectively without having to spend endless ours each way for years and years to achieve results. We need effective shortcuts that work!

Our reality is that no one will send their children to a Shaolin type temple of Krav Maga to be trained from their earliest years (as was done in China). 

Our reality is that most people, even in the security and law enforcement fields, will not be able to devote any significant amount of time to training. In all my years of working with law enforcement I have never met anyone properly trained, unless they trained privatly outside of work. 

The reality is that most people these days have very tight schedules and very limited attention spans.

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of society will not train in any sort of martial art, or self defense, despite their very real need for it. The public understands that pursuing a black belt is similar to pursuing an university degree, very time consuming.

The reality is we as a society, are in trouble. The world is becoming more violent, not less so. 

We are less safe today than at any time in recent history.

If we cannot change reality we must adapt to it. 

As such we must speak of an even more condensed, distilled, simplified form of Krav Maga, something new, for the general public. We shall call it "Essential Krav Maga". 

Essential Krav Maga is our "low calorie" form of our regular Krav Maga. The idea is that it is for those who will not sign up for regular classes, may only attend now and then at most, perhaps will join a seminar. But mostly they will stay at home.

The idea is to cover the high percentage attacks, the most likely scenarios. thus there will be no room for all the "What If" type of questions. We will stress concepts, not techniques, we will stress body movement, not hand movement. 

You will to ask the "What If" type questions when you are prepared to train with the answers.

This form of Krav Maga will deal with only the most common, 70 - 80% attacks and the most high probability defenses. The moves will be simple enough to be hardwired into most peoples systems and based on instinctive reactions, not learned reactions."

Experienced martial artist might say, "But what about the reverse grip left-handed attack with the MMA choke-hold? We will not cover that, only the essential, only what you can master quickly and use effectively. 

If you want answers to all your questions, no matter how unlikely, join our Krav On Line program or attend our regular classes in Israel or worldwide with one of our certified instructors.

Essential Krav Maga (hopefully new DVD later this year) is for the less motivated, the non-athlete, the busy family man/woman, the non-martial artist, in other words, most of the world's population.

The world needs this now. Join us.

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I like you comments regarding essential Krav. That type of training suits me, being old my body cannot handle everyday training. Even weekly Krav workouts can be to physical. I feel that twice a month works for people in my situation. That schedule gives old people time to recover while keeping skills (not combat sharp) at least fresh in ones mind.
 Also reminds people to be aware of surrounding.
Stay safe, William
Cottonwood, Az

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