Father's Lessons Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 18, 2014

Today is my father's birthday. He is no longer with us but his lessons are still beating strong inside of me.

Life values, life lessons, the gift that keeps on giving.

My mother, may the living be separated from the dead, is still living comfortably on my father's hard work. He not only provided for his family during his lifetime but made sure that his loved ones were taken care of long after his passing.

A true father;always looking out for his family.

My mother gave me a gift, as it is the holiday of Chanuka. I thanked her, she said "Thank your father", and I do.

But I thank him for so much more. I thank him for teaching me, for setting an example.

He grew up without money. His family never owned a house, never even owned a car. He started working young. He had his challenges, his ups and downs, betrayals and disappointments. But what I learned most of all was he never gave up.

He never gave up, never. His favorite song was "The Impossible Dream", he loved that song, he lived that song. He dared to dream, and he succeeded.

No one could knock him down, never.

When he was passed the age of 50 he found himself suddenly out of work, with four sons to support and put through college. He did not give up. He set off on a new career and soon rose to the top of his company. He was a fighter.

He won. Tonight's Chanuka party/Dad's birthday party is part of his victory. It was paid for by his hard work. More than ten years after his passing he is still providing a good life for the most important person in his life; my dear mother.  What a role model!!

"Thank your father" she said. And I do, everyday.

My success is a product of his attitude. Never give up, never say "I can't do it". Never stop trying your best. Never stop believing in yourself, and dare to dream, and dream big.

Krav Maga

Our unique version of Krav Maga is a direct result of his searching for the truth. In all matters; religion, politics, he was always searching for the truth. He was never content.

That search, that questioning, is what makes IKI Krav Maga unique. He instilled those values in me. And I am passing them on to you.

A father's lessons never die. They live within us and continue to guide and inspire us.