Krav Maga Green Belt Requirements


Front kick, Side kick, Knee kick delivered from various angles,

Low kick delivered from various angles.

Strikes: Punching and palm strikes, forearm/elbow strike.


The IKI Krav Maga "kata" as show on "Krav Combatives Up to Date" DVD

Ground Fighting:

Professor Cohen's 'Down and Dangerous'; kicking and take downs while on the ground and opponent is standing.

Grappling: more basic joint locks. Basic guard passing

Key lock (figure 4) from side control

Key Lock from Mount

Basic arm bar from mount

Rear Naked Choke

Escape from mount

Flow: combining elements of stand up striking and grappling, take downs and control techniques, all flowing in a natural progression.

Develop controlled aggressiveness and fighting spirit.

Weapon Defense

Knife Defense:

нож - Mes - Messer - Coltello - Cuchillo - סכין

Overhead "ice pick" strike,

straight thrust to chest,

upper hooking strike to stomach,

side to head,

side to ribs,

slash. Learn follow ups to knife defense, i.e. control, takedown or disengage.

Back hand stab

Straight thrust to stomach

Gun - Geweer- Пистолет - Pistola - אקדח

Hand gun to front of head, (2 endings, aggressive, and retreat)

Gangster style threat to the head

Gun to the side of the head

Gun to the stomach

Gun from slight distance to head, or body

Gun to the back of head, lower back, mid-back

Defense Vs. Stick Attack


Understand APC; Ability, Purpose, Circumstances