Health Wealth Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 13, 2014

My friend and student Mario Schiopu signs off his e mails with Mario Fit Enterprise -Your Health is Your Wealth.

I thought about this and I like the idea very much.

Think about it. People think of wealth as what they have in the bank, assets that they own, but they do not think of wealth in terms of assets that they are.

Do you own an asset, or are you an asset?

The Talmud writes that one should invest in his son by teaching him skills that can be used everywhere. If you have only merchandise, that could disappear, but skills, you will always have them, you can take them with you wherever you go. Skills will always serve you well and provide you with decent employment and work.

No one can steal your skills. Once you have them they are yours forever, as you long as you maintain your skills and stay at the top of your game.

Thus it is important to be a member of a respected organization and stay at the cutting edge of your profession. That is what IKI is all about. For this purpose we created our Krav On Line Program, for you to stay at the top of your profession and guarantee that your skills do not erode.

Please see our Membership information for more details.

During the Holocaust, the Dark Years, those who had skills had a better chance of survival. If you knew farming you were always welcome on a farm. If you could fix things you were more likely to find a place where you would be welcomed.

People can steal your business but never your skills. Therefore as Mario says...your health is your wealth. If you invest in yourself you will always have assets.

If you work so hard and destroy your health then eventually you will no longer be able to work. To preserve your health is a wise decision, yet people expect it to happen for free. It can not. You must learn to eat right, exercise and invest in good food.

With Krav Maga it is the same.

Build yourself, you are your best defense. You are the final barrier between yourself and harm. Your skills and mindset and training are your best insurance. If you invest in building yourself with Krav Maga you will indeed have wealth.

Your Krav Maga training is your health, treat it as such.

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