How Long is Your Technique
By Moshe Katz


I am often sent techniques from other organizations and styles. Before I even begin viewing the technique I usually have a pretty good idea if it is going to be to my liking.


I know by the little number next to the clip, the one that says how long it is. IKI members know that my clips are usually very short; 3 seconds, 10 seconds if I am doing it in slow motion with an explanation. The only case in which it would be longer is if I am offering different possible follow ups, i.e. beyond the immediate self defense application there could possibly be a control tactic. Alternatively there could be solution for a "What if" situation; what if the guy resisted in such a way or pulled out a weapon. But as a rule, the techniques are short and simple.

When I see a clip that says, 3:59, or even 2:59 I know we are looking for trouble. Even if it is being done slowly, that is way too long. To me this is a sign of someone who has never felt the pain. When you feel pain you need to get out of the pain in a split second, not in 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

Too many martial arts are simply not playing in the real world. If you think you have that much time to get out of a technique that tells me you have never had an angry or determined person attempt that particular technique on you. A real opponent will not stand idly by while you do your 3:59 technique.

When we train here in Israel, in Jerusalem, in Maaleh Adumim, in Krav Maga we say "make this hard on me, try and resist as best as you can", "Be mean to me". This is the best test, short of going out to the street and looking for trouble.