Krav Maga; Self Defense in a Car
By Moshe Katz

Krav Maga is designed for real world self defense, to protect you in any situation. As such it includes self defense in confined spaces , airlines , and cars. Krav Maga principles and concepts can be applied to provide solutions for violence, or the threat of violence, inside or near a car. Rather than be a helpless victim you can learn to stand up to violence and terrorism.

What would you do if the back seat passenger put a knife to your throat?

These might include car jacking, hostage situations or any threat inside a car involving a rope, knife or gun, or empty hand. Self defense training includes precautions one should take to avoid danger in the first place. As Mr. Miyagi said in the Karate Kid, "Best Defense – not be there.

What would you do when your passenger turns against you?

Some of our techniques are derived from actual situations that occured with the Israeli police forces, such as the Yamam, in handling violent terrorists.

Passenger in back seat puts the rope around the driver. What can you do?

Given the violent and unpredictable nature of life today self defense inside a car is an essential addition to any self defense program.