Krav Maga Deadly Secrets


Recently it has been brought to my attention that many competing self defense programs have been advertising Easy to Learn, Quick and Fun, Krav Maga programs.

Some of them are diluted, outdated, and highly dangerous (to the practitioner) forms of Krav Maga. Many of these Krav Maga organizations have no direct ties to Israel. Others are simply old, outdated, forms that have failed the test of reality. and yet, sadly, they continue to teach, and the public continues to believe.

I have seen advertisements, "Deadly Secrets" that you can learn in one weekend, in the comfort of your own home. Watch these DVDs and you can become an unstoppable deadly warrior, capable of defeating black belts with many years of experience. 

Now there is a certain element of truth in this. In just a short session I can open your eyes to self defense ideas and concepts that are much more effective than all the fancy pants kungfullery of Karate Kata or Poomse that will take you years to learn and greatly lighten your wallet. But, you will not become a super hero just yet. The techniques may be simple, and some are very easy to learn, but you still must practice them over and over again, and then some more, and them some more. You must also have someone to observe and correct you. And you must eventually practice them full force against a resisting opponent.

"There is no easy way out, there is no short cut home"(Rocky) Yes, an experienced instructor can save you a great deal of time. I have trained in many styles of martial arts; kung fu, karate, judo, jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Taijutsu, Kenpo jitsu etc, and I have filtered out the techniques, distilling the system so you can spend your precious time only on those techniques that will work for you in a real life violent encounter. But still, you will have to work on those techniques that will work for you in a real life situation. But still, you have to work on those techniques. You can not expect much by just sitting at home and watching DVD's. Sorry folks.

In one seminar or one afternoon I can open your eyes to some amazing idea, concepts and techniques but you will still have to put in your time on the mat.  A little blood, sweat and tears. I have been training for many years and I am still learning, experimenting, training, making mistakes and revising techniques. I am also seeking guidance in my training from those who have used these techniques. And I also want to learn from those who know less, by observing their mistakes by observing their mistakes, watching their body movements and seeing all the possible shortcomings of the techniques. I want to meet with people who have experience violence first hand and study their cases; What went right and want failed.

In IKI Krav Maga we are never content, we always want more, after al it is our lives on the line and this must always count more than money in the bank.

So, what are the deadly secrets of Krav Maga? Simple, practical techniques that will work for anyone who puts in the necessary time and effort. For more information you will have to come train with us or sign up for the on-line training program.

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