Krav Maga Directness
By Moshe Katz

January 30, 2010

It is said, “the acts of the fathers are signs for the children”. We read the Biblical account of Abraham finding a wife for his son Isaac. He sends his trusted servant Eliezer (meaning God is my help) to locate an appropriate wife.

Eliezer meets Rebekah and knows she is the one for Isaac, her acts of kindness and generosity are the signs he was seeking. He meets her family and is invited into their home. A great feast is prepared and he is invited to partake. His words are important, “I shall not eat until I have spoken my word.”

In some cultures this would be considered impolite, first one must participate in a relaxed dinner, then drinks are served, casual conversation is made, then coffee is served and only later can real business be discussed. This is not Eliezer’s way, he is direct and to the point; let’s take care of business first; we can eat after we have settled our matter.

I would say that Eliezer is using the Krav Maga approach; directness, no beating around the bush, get down to business now, and eat later. After we have taken care of business we can relax and socialize, after all, we all know the reason we are gathered here is to discuss business, is it not?

Some styles of martial arts are flowery, overly complicated and difficult to learn. Some styles claim “hidden techniques”, or techniques that only emerge after years of training or meditation or known only to a grand master hidden in some monastery. Not so with Krav Maga; we are straight and to the point, just like Abraham’s servant Eliezer so many years ago. Speak your word, be direct and to the point, and eat later after the job is done.

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