Krav Maga Prevention
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 30, 2014, Day 18

My Krav Maga seminars have brought to places I never would have imagined. I have been places and seen sites of great historical significance to the Jewish people, and some places of only "minor" significance. Each place shed light on the Jewish world that once existed and is no more.

I have seen monuments, many erected by Jewish organizations fighting to preserve the memory of a people now gone, and some erected by gentile associations out of guilt, shame or for cause of righteousness. I have seen monuments where a community vowed to remember the victims and teach tolerance. 

Konnigsbach, Germany, memorial at the site where the synagogue once stood.

All over Europe and South America I have seen beautiful memorials for the Jews who lived there, but met a terrible, horrific fate.

Memorial for the Jews of Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Last night there was an amazing demonstration of love and unity in Tel Aviv. Tens of thousands of people from all over Israel gathered to sing and stand in solidarity with the families of the young men recently taken hostage by our enemies.  (See Bring Back Our Boys)

Famous artists performed for free. Right and Left were united. I understand it was beautiful.

But I have would have done something different.

I have would have set up a booth to teach an introductory class to Krav Maga. I would have signed up students for intensive Krav Maga courses. I would have taken preventative measures so that this thing never happens again.

A friend just told me that on Air Singapore all the flight attendants are experts in the art of wine selection. I imagine that must be very important to some people. But imagine if all the El Al flight attendants were experts in Krav Maga? Imagine if all pilots and flight attendants around the world were experts in Krav Maga? Imagine if every terrorist or potential hijacker knew that he would certainly encounter a trained Krav Maga expert?

I think that would make a difference.

We are really good at singing songs and creating memorials, we are good at writing books and establishing monuments, all very important. We are really expert at documenting the atrocities of the past, essential!

But as the mother's saying goes..."An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Our cure is Krav Maga.

Our Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga, IKI Krav Maga, will not please everyone. There is nothing I can do about that.

Our Krav Maga is not as bloody as some styles. We will not beat you up to show how tough we are. We will not glorify death matches or ignore the very real possibility of permanent damage. We believe you came to Krav Maga to avoid getting hurt.

Our Krav Maga will not use fancy techniques, ever! We will teach you only simple techniques and sound strategies that are designed to save your life, not impress your friends.  We will not play games with your life and teach you joint locks and take downs that will not work for you in a real life violent situation.

Our Krav Maga will remain humble. If you can avoid a violent situation you can win without fighting. If you can talk your way out of it, then we shall talk. If you can joke your way out of it, then we shall joke. We shall always remember that we are all vulnerable.

Our strategies and techniques have only one purpose in mind: Your survival. These techniques are tried and tested.

Our Krav Maga is open to your questions: With IKI you can ask any question you want and you will receive an answer. You will never hear, "That is unlikely to happen" , or "It is so because I say so".

Our Krav Maga does not relay upon fine motor techniques, precision or agility: These will fail in real life encounters. Our Krav Maga does not rely upon strength or speed, flexibility or youth, these diminish with age.

Our Krav Maga relies on Wisdom.

If you are seeking a simple direct solution, you are in the correct direction.

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