Krav Maga Pulling Grabbing
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

Grabbing and Pulling

I just don't get it, it defies all logic, defies the laws of physics, the laws of common sense. And yet I see it all the time.

Krav Maga, supposed to be the best system in the world, practical self defense, good for women and children blah blah blah.

And then, everyday on Facebook I see some muscular guy grabbing, yes grabbing someones arm or wrist as part of some cool self defense move. And everyone thinks, "Wow, Krav Maga, the Israeli commandoes used it to beat the entire Arab world in 6 days, they use in the Special Forces, it is the best!"

My God, what nonsense. Get a grip on reality.

Israel won the wars with great spirit, tenacity and guns and tanks and planes, not with Krav Maga. And I have not heard any stories of police really using Krav Maga either, in fact the police officers that I know do not train in KM at all.

So what is this grabbing stuff?

In a real life situation, with fatigue and stress – you cannot grab someone, it just does not happen. The movement requires precision, and precision is exactly what you lack when you are under stress.

But even if you could grab him, as unlikely as they may be,; the grab is the easiest move to escape. Even if you could grab him it would serve no purpose, he would be in a second.

And the pulling? This too is impractical , the attacker tends to be larger and stronger, pulling is a terrible defense, and yet I see videos and photos of cool looking KM teachers grabbing and pulling someone away. It ain't gonna happen.!!

And it makes me wonder, it simply makes me wonder; isn't anybody out there aware of this,? Isn't anyone else thinking?

Anything can work with a willing partner but lets get real, most of this traditional KM stuff is fluff and flash. The fact that Hollywood made it popular does not make it right.

Our Km is constantly changing evolving and …questioning and challenging. We must remain real, our lives depend on it.

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