Krav Maga Virtues and Values
By Moshe Katz

January 20, 2011

I am very proud of our IKI Black Belt instructors. Not only are they highly skilled, not only have many of them come to Israel to live Krav Maga for themselves ( Tour and Train in Israel) but they also exhibit the highest concern for the well being of others. As it is written on our IKI diplomas they embody the spirit of concern for mankind.

The other day I received the following letter from Fred Heins.

Hi Moshe,

Moshe I'm very angry about the other Krav Maga organizations.

I have a new student who trained with XXX here in YYY (names changed to protect the guilty, editor) he told me that they don't learn defense against Bearhug until they reach a certain level, I heard from Erwald that our former Krav Maga instructor at this moment even don't teach gun disarms until a certain level.

Moshe I'm so angry this is against everything where Krav Maga stance for, it's against the Krav Maga philosophy.

Like we do at IKI from day 1 a student learn's all the techniques.

Moshe I'm not a good writer but maybe its an idea to write a blog about this without the names of the organization.

I can't believe this.

All the best,


As Krav Maga/Self Defense instructors we have a great responsibility. This can never be just another job for us.

Of course every job involves responsibility and everyone should take their line of work seriously and be concerned for their clients. If you are a car mechanic then careless work on your part can result in a car accident and serious injury or even death. A doctor's shortcomings can lead to terrible consequences, even a lawyer can really screw up your life if he/she does not know what he/she are doing. (I have a good friend who is a lawyer and female, thus the he/she thing, Chavi you are wonderful).

So we as safety instructors must be very careful to never let the business side of things interfere with our mission in life, our "calling".

Moshe with Gary Hodges Jr. Virginia, USA

I understand that in traditional martial arts it is generally accepted that each belt level has certain techniques. At first I thought this was purely for training purposes; first simple techniques then master them and move on to more complex techniques. Gradually I realized that it was also a business concept; always hold something back. An orange belt student is lured and tempted by certain techniques only taught to green belts. He knows that if he wants that back spin kick he must stick around for the next level. And the instructor/businessman knows that as long as Mr. Orange belt remains his student, the cash will keep flowing in the correct direction.

The other day a student calls me up; he wants to come in for private training. Great, I can earn some extra cash. (Am I being too honest here?). so he tells me he lives in a bad part of New York and is concerned about muggings, gun and knife threats.

My concern immediately shifts from businessman to self defense instructor. It must, otherwise it is time to hang up my black belt and become a financial consultant. (I apologize to all those in the financial field, I used to work there myself. I recently lost over $6,000 when my broker convinced me to go against my judgment and not sell).

So instead of thinking; show him a little and then try to sell him the DVD's so he can learn the rest, or sign up for the Krav On Line program, I get to work seeing how can I teach him as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I do not hold back techniques that might save his life. I do not say, "Come back another time for the next level of knife defense". I try to give him everything I can today, not tomorrow. For tomorrow might be too late for him.

Our Krav Maga and my personal approach have changed a great deal over the years. We constantly try to simply our training, make it more effective yet easier to learn and retain. If I can't remember a technique then what chance does my student have? He/she is a busy man/woman/child; he does have the time to memorize endless moves and techniques.

Please remember: Give it your all today, don’t hold back, for tomorrow might be too late.