Why You Will Not See Me Performing  Krav Maga on You Tube
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

December 19, 2013

I just watched a terrific video on "Advanced Krav Maga". Yes, you know it, I already wrote that there is no such thing as advanced Krav Maga, it does not, and cannot, exist. If you are confused please read, "Advanced Krav Maga".

I was tempted, what does this "advanced Krav Maga" video contain? I watched.

It began with sexy stretches (a woman), followed by boxing and then some terrific Taekwondo kicks. I am not making fun of anyone, this individual is clearly a highly trained athlete, dedicated and outstanding at her sport. I admire her for her abilities, but...

...then came the part that could be classified as Krav Maga, what I call the "Old Krav Maga", the kind I use at my seminars as examples of what NOT to do. This video, I should use it for my seminars but I shall not, is a perfect example of all that I see wrong in Krav Maga. The techniques are what I have labeled "You Tube Krav Maga" as I believe they will only work on you tube but not in the real world.

Nearly every Krav technique was done exactly as I show it NOT to be done. At my seminars I point out the errors and fatal dangers of each and every move. If you want those answers you will have to attend one of my seminars and I will explain it to you point by point until you are convinced.

I am totally confident that I can convince you as your own body will prove me correct.

You will not see me doing such a video. Sure I can. Get a good cameraman, good setting, good music, get the right outfit, make myself look just right and of course get partners who will totally comply with my every move. It can be done, but it shall not be done, not by me.

It sells, sure. Sex appeal sells, sure. But that is not what I am selling. I believe in honesty, and as I was watching this very talented and very beautiful woman in the video the sex appeal came through loud and clear.

I studied business. I could not understand why an advertisement for a car had to include a beautiful woman. But they taught us the psychology, the association principles, and how the woman helps sell the car.

I have written about Flash and Trash Krav Maga before. Let us be honest, the video is exciting, it excites us and then we begin to think 'hey, I want to do that, I want to be like that woman or I want to be the kind of man that woman wants.'

It all comes together as a perfect product except for one thing. I look at the video slowly and once you get over the beauty of it all and begin to focus on reality I see that these techniques contain huge mistakes, and I mean huge.

I only teach family, but my family is very large. When a student comes to train with me I look at them and say what if this man was my son, what if this young woman was my daughter? would I sell them a load of crap?

Hell no, I must give them something that really works, I must give them the best, no Flash and Trash, no sex appeal, just good hard core Krav Maga that actually works. This is my daughter! I do not care if they came from Poland, or Germany or England or Wales or Ireland or Zimbabwe; they are all my children and I want the very best for them.

So don't hold your breath waiting for my grand performance on You tube, even it is it good for business. I do not play that game.  

Moshe teaching seminar in South Africa.

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