Krav Maga vs. Multiple Attackers
By Moshe Katz
Head Instructor IKI

May 9, 2017


Training in Argentina, facing multiple attackers. With the knife is IKI instructor Ramon Robles from Chile. (Seminar hosted by IKI instructor Jose Nacul).

I love those old ninja and Kung Fu movies where some lone defender faces off against multiple attackers. They charge in, one at a time, the others wait patiently for their turn, with obvious, easy to block, gross motor attacks, and our heroic defender destroys each one with a beautiful move. They fall down and do not get up again. That is the movies.

Welcome to reality. This is a nightmare and the odds of surviving it unscathed are slim to none. How do we deal with multiple attackers in Krav Maga training.

Avoidance – Use common sense to avoid such situations. Do not hang out in known gang areas by yourself. Do not wander into an Arab village (unless you are one of them of course). Use your head before you are forced to use your hands and legs.

Keep Moving – It is harder for them to attack you if you remain in motion. Weave in and out, move around like you are playing tag.

We do a drill where three students put on full protective gear; one is attacked by two others. He fights back, kicks, punches, pushes and tries to avoid being attacked by two fighters at once. He tries to avoid having anyone get behind him, but he tries to get behind an attacker and pull him to the ground. It is an aggressive and exhausting drill, much harder than most students think.

Never Show Your Back - Never let anyone get behind you, keep them all in your line of vision. You can block what you cannot see. We do not have eyes on the back of our heads. 

Act Crazy – They might just decide you are not worth the trouble.

Don't spend too much time on each attacker – Hit vital points quickly and move on. Spending too much on one person leaves you vulnerable to an attack from others. Remember, this is not a tournament.  

Running knee kick – If you are surrounded; Professor Cohen recommends a "running knee kick", run towards one person full force, jump at him with a knee kick and your hands to his eyes. Accompany this with a war cry. This is a good way to break out and get away.

Get Out ASAP – Don’t stick around to finish them off. Get out as soon as you can, and run!


Moshe, I think that Blog is the best advice anyone could give-No matter what your skill level is if you are attacked simultaneously by several bad guys its never gonna be like in the movies as you said no one will wait while you fend off the bad guys one at a time-This has gave me a idea for mob attack scenario training -I am gonna keep it simple but brutal-In a situation like that Keep it simple keep it aggressive and keep it real-Very good Blog!

Gary Hodges JR