Martial Arts Leaders

Martial arts leaders come from many styles. During the course of my many years of training I have had the privilege of training with many world-class martial arts instructors, world champions, and Krav Maga personal safety instructors. They are all martial arts leaders. All of the instructors listed below are people I have personally trained with, spent time with, and have come to know. If you have the opportunity to train with any of them, consider yourself fortunate.

Itay Gil – The Human Weapon

When I arrived in Israel in 1990 I was looking for a place to train. I started looking when a friend gave me a flyer and said, "This is Itay Gil, he is the real thing, this is what you are looking for."

Professor Cohen - The Streetwise Professor

The last thing Professor Cohen wants to be called is a master, so I will honor that request, but he is most definitely a martial arts leader.

Mark Hatmaker - Extreme Self Protection

My students and I love Mark Hatmaker's grappling techniques. Perhaps it is because he is such a great innovator. His grappling submissions are exciting and effective.

Dr. Jerry Beasley - World Martial Arts masters/Karate College

Dr. Beasley has more black belts and awards than I could possible mention. He has been training in the martial arts since 1966 and has been teaching for more than 30 years.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, the legendary kicker, is a household name to readers of Black Belt magazine. I first met him at Karate College back in 2002. It was quite a thrill to train with him.

Royce Gracie in Jerusalem

My friend at the American Consulate contacted me, "Royce Gracie is coming to Jerusalem."

Joe Lewis - The Legend

I would say Joe Lewis is fit, funny, and politically my kind of guy, and no doubt, a great fighter. His hard work and fitness level are an inspiration.

Shigeru Oyama - The Big Mountain

He walks around the dojo with a big smile, like he just heard a funny joke. We fought full contact, did our push ups on our knuckles on a slab of wood and dragged ourselves out of the dojo with bruises scares. It was great.

Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie, Rodrigo Gracie – The Masters from Brazil

Renzo Gracie is the kind of guy you would like to have as a neighbor; kind, friendly, generous and always full of great jujitsu techniques. He is a master instructor, fighter, and entertainer, quick on his feet, quick on the ground and quick with a witty remark.

Michael DePasquale Jr. - Yoshitsue Jujitsu

His martial arts expertise, entertaining way of teaching, and personal qualities make Michael DePasquale Jr. a fine example of what a true martial artist should be.

Sifu Chun Kwok Chow - Integrated Wing Chun Kung Fu

I was walking around China Town when I found a flyer, "Wing Chun training". What a thrill it was to train with a real master from China. Sifu Chow is truly a master of this amazing style of kung fu.

Frank Dux - The Real Hero of Blood Sport

I was friends with Frank's brother, Steve, but I had no idea who Frank Dux was. When I began to train with him I discovered that not only is he a martial arts legend but also a sweet and generous man. I will always remember the summer I spent training at 'Dux Ninjitsu' in the Valley.

Phil Nurse - Thai Boxing Champion

I met Thai Boxing champion and instructor Phil Nurse in a rustic gym in New York City. The students and the workouts were serious, hard core. No short cuts, no easy way out, this was the real deal. If you wanted to train here you had better be prepared to push yourself to your limits. This was not for the meek or the weak of heart.

Bill D'Urso - Jujitsu Master

I met Mr. Bill D'Urso at Karate College and had the privilege to train with him over several seminars.

David James - Vee Arnis Jitsu

He greeted me with a warm handshake and a big smile. I learned a great deal from him about how to be an effective instructor, and from his students about harmony and comradeship. It was an experience to remember and cherish.

Jujitsu vs. Krav Maga

The Jet Center, Benny 'The Jet', Sensei Sara,

To anyone doing martial arts in the 80's Benny "The Jet" Urquidez needs no introduction. Even today, any serious martial arts practitioner should be well acquainted with this legendary fighter, trainer and fight choreographer. John Pellegrini Combat Hapkido

John Pellegrini - Combat Hapkido

"Make yourself like a porcupiney", Pellegrini advised us in his musical Italian accent. He was teaching us his street oriented form of Hapkido, which he calls, 'Combat Hapkido'.

Walt Lysak Jr. - Reality Self Defense.

If brutal street defense is what you are looking for, and you are not squeamish, than Walt Lysak is your man. A gentleman and a fighter, he knows how to handle himself.

Sensei Haim Jaffee - Shurn Ryu Karate

Rodrigo Gracie - BJJ - I had the privilege of training with him at his Long Island studio

Joe Hess - Karate Master

He was the 1975-1977 kickboxing heavyweight champion of the world and taught self defense and survival tactics to 500 police agencies around the world.

Mark Shuey - Cane master

Sifu Chi Chung Kwon - Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

Rabbi Shlomo Carelbach

He was not a martial artist but his words of wisdom reflect a deep understanding of what we should be doing with our martial arts training.

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