mediocre krav maga

May 6, 2021, Israel

There are different definitions for mediocre, so we need to be clear. On one hand there are terms such as Common, Ordinary, Average, Moderate, Everyday, Adequate.  There are also more negative definitions of Mediocre; forgettable, run of the mill, unexciting etc.

For our purposes let us use average as: Common, Ordinary, regular people, not gifted and not handicapped, an average person meaning a person born with abilities and talents in the average range.  

Let us also define average by what is not average. Mozart was not average. How so? The definition of not average is that with much less effort than the average person this individual can learn a skill, faster, better and achieve results that the average person cannot.  A gifted person can hear a sound, go over to the piano or guitar and play that sound, without training, without learning a trick or technique. This is not an ordinary skill that humans are born with. If you need to be trained, you are average. An average human being does not compose original classical pieces at the age of 9, music that will endure for a hundred years. An average child, with no training, does not pick up a brush and paint majestic paintings that people will pay thousands of dollars for. These are extraordinary people.

Most people can be taught skills, but it takes time and effort. Most people can be taught how to play a musical instrument, or how to paint, or learn a language. If this takes time and effort, you are in the range of normal, or average. If your child at the age of 4 "borrows" your paint brush and paints an exact portrait of your guests while you are eating, that is not average. If your 5 year old, with no training, walks over to the piano and starts playing classical music, that is not average. 

Simply put, almost everyone we know is in the range of average, and this is not an insult. As Abraham Lincoln said, "God loves homely people, and that is why he created so many of us". The only thing not average about us, is our soul. Our soul has no limits, that too is part of our nature.

Here I wish to look at Krav Maga in terms of average people, or in other words, mediocre people. There is no shame in being mediocre. Nearly all of us fall into this category, only not all of us recognize this. 

What is it important to recognize this?

It is important to recognize our inherit mediocracy, not only to keep our egos in check, but to have realistic expectations for ourselves and our students. When we understand that we are basically mediocre, we begin to tailor our techniques more accurately to our ability level. We set our sights on realistic goals. 

If a jump spin flying jump kick is your goal, and you hope to use this in a real self-defense situation, you indeed have high expectations and I wish you luck. If you think that Krav Maga includes the classic scissor technique where you leap upon your opponent with both legs firmly in the air, catch him in a scissor position and cut him down while you land gracefully, again...I admire you and wish you success in your movie career.

For me, I would rather accept my limitations and work with what I have. I am not as fast as lightening and I do not rely upon expert timing (to quote the song...Kung Fu Fighting).

Make sure you have expert timing
Kung Fu fighting, had to be fast as 

I am not a professional stunt man; I am a realist. And this is why we have developed IKI Krav Maga, a realistic system for real people who want to survive in the real world.

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