More of the Same Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

November 22, 2014, Israel

There is hardly a seminar or a class without some Krav Maga innovation or improvement.

Our students ask questions, from all over the world. Participants in seminars and Tour and Train ask questions. And we watch the news, the footage, and hear the details of terrorist attacks and we train to handle these very situations.

But then I look around and what do I see?

Everyone else is offering the same old Krav Maga, unchanged, unchecked, unchallenged.

I see video clips of young people punching and kicking. I see video clips of hot IDF girls or muscular men beating the crap out of their "opponents", all choreographed of course. I see perfect technique, speed and accuracy, flexibility and strength and I know how many "takes" it took to make these spectacular video presentations.

And I think to myself, What a crazy world? and What the hell does any of this have to do with real self-defense?

The Druze police officer who died fighting the terrorist and the four rabbis who were murdered during prayer.

I look at the photo of the four rabbis who were murdered while praying and I ask; is the advertised form of Krav Maga of any use to these kinds of people?

Can you really picture them doing the Krav Maga taught in your local commercialized Krav Maga school? Can you picture them doing "IDF Krav Maga"?  Kicking and jumping and punching?


The standard Krav Maga taught today all over the world is not effective and not appropriate for the vast majority of people who need it. An average person entering such schools will most likely leave feeing discouraged and disempowered. The Macho, "Bad Ass" types running the school will only remind of the bullies they are trying to defend against. I have heard this countless times. If someone actually does have the courage to begin a class, they will soon be made to feel weak and worthless. This attitude is common in the Israeli military, and I imagine in other militaries around the world, that one must "break down the new recruits, and the rebuild them."

We, at IKI, do not share this approach. We are not here to scare anyone, nor are we trying to impress anyone, nor are we trying to look like martial arts movie stars. We are here to teach.

We believe in constantly asking: will this really work for the vast majority of people? or is this only good for high level black belts in the prime of their lives?

We must be honest with ourselves and our students.

Hear my voice - The vast majority of people who need Krav Maga will not benefit from the standard Krav Maga being taught today.

They do not have the time or inclination to study "hard core" Krav Maga. They do not have the strength or flexibility to perform most of the Krav Maga techniques. They need something different and that is why we at IKI Krav Maga are constantly working at simplifying Krav Maga, at finding easier solutions.

Certainly, we have members who fit the "Krav Maga" look, certainly we have many law enforcement professionals who work at the hightest level of their professions. We have elite security guards and secret operatives from all over the world. They too find our system effective. Our system has been adopted by police and security all over the world.  

Our goal is to make self-defense easier, techniques that are easy to learn, easy to apply and easy to remember. Techniques that do not rely on speed and strength.

We want a Krav Maga that is for everyone.

Our goal is to certify many instructors all over the world; caring people who will go out there and teach those who may not be the best athletes.

Our goal is Krav Maga schools and instructors who are not intimidating but rather are kind and welcoming, soft spoken and gentle.

Our goal is to make IKI Krav Maga the gold standard, teach it at schools, houses of worship and community centers.

Because simply put, I am tired of seeing so many dead people.

We are on a mission ....Join us!

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