Random Glory
By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel
March 7, 2014


Walking around the Old City of Jerusalem, you meet the world.

"Hey, remember me?" "You trained me".

It was Vladimir. Honestly, I can't remember every Vladimir I trained, but that does not matter. Now he is working the Muslim quarter, Old City. His Krav Maga has become his job. He has used what I taught him many times. The lessons have become internalized. He keeps his section safe.

Another fellow walks up to me, has questions, "I can see you know what you are doing. Your body language, your eyes."

These guys all have the look, I do not. The years have passed, wear and tear. But the lessons, Krav Maga, has become a way of life; awareness, preparedness, alertness. In a moment of crises people know they can turn to you.

I receive a phone call from a student. "Thank you".

"For what?", I asked.  A student was attacked, she was able to fight off a larger, stronger man. Her friend called to say thanks.

I bump into another friend; one I had not seen in many years. He remembers the training and is grateful for the impact on his life. Nice. Random glory.

Glimpses into people's lives, random, a word here, a word there. The impact.

My nephew's wedding, strong powerful looking young men come up to me. They smile and shake my hand. Some look familiar, some not. "Hey, you're Arie's uncle, you taught us martial arts when we were kids, you are the karate uncle."

Sometimes it was just a word, sometimes it was more; they remember.  Years later it turns that yeah, it did make a difference. A word of kindness, an act of kindness, they do not forget.

E mails from students who attended seminars..."You changed my life". "It was the best day of my life", "I am inspired". Random. Kindness makes a difference.

There is always someone who is paying attention. There is always someone who is noticing.

And in the end what you give is what you get, what you share is what you take. People will remember you. Nothing is ever a waste. Keep giving and people will take something away from it. They will not all become black belts, they will not all become "disciples", but each will be enriched in some small but meaningful way.