Krav Maga Real Time Response
By Moshe Katz, CEO Israeli Krav International

1973, war breaks out, stress, chaos, confusion, attacks, artillery, decisions must be made.

Mistakes are made and lives are lost. Later on come the critics to analyze the mess and ask "What went wrong"

In looking at all the mistakes Shmuel Gordon says, one can forgive. One can understand the difficulty in making decisions in such a stressful situation, However!

However, these are not ordinary people, these are the top military commanders. No one forced this stressful job upon them, they chose it. They are the elite of the elite and if they cannot handle stress they should not have applied for this job.

Fair enough, more than fair.

But what about the average citizen who is attacked?

What about the college girl who is sexually assaulted on campus?

What about an older person attacked in the park?

Can we say the same of them? Can we say that they are expected to have the same response time under stress as a top military commander? Can they be expected to have the training, the toughness, the fortitude as a combat warrior?

NO, they cannot. They have not chosen war as a career. They have not chosen combat as a way of life. The assailant chose them.

But yet, now they must be able to defend themselves.

The question is how.

The answer is NOT by inviting them to military style "boot camps", that may be a whole lot of fun but lets face it, that is not realistic self-defense.

The answer is NOT by demanding a 5 mile run and hundreds of push-ups.

The answer is in coming up with a simple and effective method of self-defense. And that my friends is what IKI Krav Maga is all about. So that your grandma and granddaughter can walk in peace.

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