Krav Maga Everyone's Responsibility
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February, 2015, Montreal - March 6, New York

Some things are obvious but yet they need to be broadcast out loud, all the time. 

Spending a lot of time in airports while on Krav Maga tours I find the constant broadcasts over the loud speakers annoying....Chen party of two please report to Delta....Final call...etc

But at the airport in Montreal I could only applaud the wisdom of repeating the announcements and hoping that someone other than myself was actually paying attention.

In French and in English I heard it over and over again...Security is everyone's responsibility...if you see something it. etc.

Of course most people go about their business, get their coffee and snacks, and totally ignore the message. They believe that security is the responsibility of the police, or the airline, or the cleaning crew, anyone but themselves. They walk around without a worry in their little heads.

Yes, it is totally clear to me that most people have zero awareness not only about  security but also about safety.

Looking good (in their own eyes) or feeling comfortable (way too comfortable in my opinion) is far more important to them then safety.

Women in high heel shoes and tight mini-skirts clearly have no sense of safety. Just yesterday during the snow storm a Delta flight at La Guardia airport in New York slipped off the runway. Thank God only minor injuries.

The passengers had to walk across a snowy runway to reach the buses that took them to the terminal. How do you expect to do that in high heels and a mini skirt?

I repeat the question; how will you walk across a snow covered runway in high heels and mini skirt?

And then there the causal dressers who think the plane is their personal bedroom. They come in wearing shorts and flip flops, perhaps they like to feel as if they are still on vacation in Bermuda. And how will they walk across the snow and ice? Who will have to carry them?

For future flights please remember: Bring your winter coat with you if you are heading for a cold destination. You will not be able to get to your checked luggage. Wear practical clothing, no mini skirts, no high heels, no tiny shorts please! no flip flops. Wear good jeans, sneakers or other practical foot wear. Always imagine that you could end up having to walk in the snow or swim, or climb.

And the loudspeakers repeat, like a prophet of old crying out in the wilderness,...Security is everyone's responsibility. Yes, this should be obvious, but no, it is not.

We are all sharing this space, this airport, if only for a few hours. For these few hours we are a community and we should behave as one. A community looks out for each other. You see a bag that is unattended, say something to security!

You see someone walking away from their bag, by all means feel free to walk up to them and point out that this behavior is against airport regulations. We are a community and this is how a community must behave.

How much more so with a real full time community, such as the one you live in. If you see a strange person hanging out near a school will you just walk away without reporting it? Security is everyone's responsibility. If it were your son in that school wouldn't you want someone to report a strange man lurking around?

We believe that part of that communal responsibility is preparedness and training in Krav Maga.

Soon we will read in our Biblical portion...WaYakhel...And Moses gathered the people together and formed a community, he outlined for them the responsibilities each member of the community must assume on himself. What was true over 3,500 years ago is still true today. Community values.

Part of that community values system is providing self defense and training the members in Krav Maga. For yes, we are our brother's keeper and we must look out for each other. To do otherwise is simply to be irresponsible. We have a communal and personal responsibility, to ourselves, our families and our neighbors. 

Training in Krav Maga is an essential ingredient in this communal responsibility. I do not want to have to carry you off the plane or across the street, you must carry your own weight. 

Security is everyone's responsibly.

Krav Maga is everyone's responsibility. 

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