Standing Regulations
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 27, 2014, Israel

We are currently in the midst of yet another war here in Israel. Life goes on as normal and we have nothing to fear. Sadly we are used to this. Each casualty strikes us hard, each son lost is a deep and tragic loss. But we put things in perspective.

We have now, to the best of my knowledge, lost 40 soldiers and 3 civilians. This for us is a tragedy beyond words, but we have seen worse, much worse.

Study Jewish history over the past 2,000 or so years. Study both the state of the Jews in the Christian world and in the Muslim world. And you will understand.

There were bad times and there were very bad times, and then there were tragic times. And then the bad times seemed like good times.

For the most part our lives were not worth very much. We could be used as the scapegoat for the failure of society. We could be used as targets when the local population needed to vent a little. We viewed this as Standing  Operating procedure.

Sadly some groups of Jews have become so accustomed to this way of living that they cannot adjust to a different reality.

Some of you have written me and asked why there are some Jews who are currently protesting against Israel, and against our defensive war. These groups are on one hand extreme Left wing secularists and on the other some of the extreme Orthodox. Both have had trouble adjusting to a new reality.

You see for so long we have been the victims that we have become experts at this. We developed humor to cope with it, laugh with our enemy and he will leave us alone, make him rich and he will want us to stay in his country for a little longer, stay out of his way and perhaps he will leave us in peace for a short while.

Killing Jews was a given, and no one was terribly troubled by it.

After the main "liquidation" of Jews during World War 2 some pesky Jews still remained. These "difficult" people hid from the police. But most were caught and shot dead on the spot without too much fuss. The local peasants found the Jews and reported them to the police.

When I was in Warsaw, Poland I picked up an excellent book, "Hunt for the Jews", this was once a great sport. Cost me 200 Zloty but it was worth every groza.

"German policemen usually executed the Jews themselves, in a routine manner, leaving a standard note in their daily reports: 'nach dem gegebenen Richtlinien verfahren'" (Hunt for the Jews by Jan Grabowski)

Translation "we proceeded according to the standard regulations"

Alas, that was the standard regulations.

But things have changed. The old Jew has returned. The Nation of Warriors has awoken. In blood and fire Zion fell and in blood and fire Zion has risen. And apparently only with blood and fire can we remain alive and free.

Samson is back, Moses and Joshua are back and they are leading the Israeli Defense Forces to victory.

But people are not comfortable with this. People are used to Jews as victims. Muslims are used to ruling over the dhimi Jews, the infidels. People are used to Jews being "allowed to live", but not this!

Jews fighting back, Jews winning wars, Jews standing up for themselves still makes many people very uncomfortable.

But our local enemies have adapted very well. In one generation they have successfully fooled the world into seeing them as the victims and accusing us of "war crimes" knowing full well that it is they and their Nazi allies who are the architects of war crimes. How cynical that they use that term against us.

We fight back. And as our boys fight back they think of their grandparents who could not fight back. And we understand that it is a great privilege to fight back. We are fighting for all those who could not fight, for all those who were picked up, taken to the back of the police station and shot dead, following the standard regulations.

A short true story to ponder....two young Jewish girls were spotted trying to steal some apples from the trees. They were spotted by the peasants. The girls were caught but they begged to be "let go".

"but they asked in vain as they were brought to the village elder. "

They were brought to the police. "Once in Boleslaw, the peasants surrendered the Jewish girls into the custody of German gendarme Richard Keter, who - later that day - shot them in a nearby field".

Just like that!

Never Again!

And let the world say what they want...

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