Taking Care of Tomorrow Today
by Moshe Katz

November 5, 2013

As noted in previous blogs Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, where my brother is currently recuperating from brain surgery, has wonderful, uplifting sayings and slogans all over the hospital. But they also have lessons, or even ...warnings.

I was thinking about this yesterday. Almost like a haunting warning. Outside the building in LA it say in large bold letters, "Taking Care of Tomorrow Today."

Now I understand they are taking about their wonderful hospital but I see more in this, much more.

Remember the old story about the monkeys, how in the summer they loved to play in the sun and have fun, but when the winter came they were all cold and miserable. Each winter they would vow that as soon as the weather got warmer and the rain stopped; they would build shelters for next winter.

They never did.

They did not take care of tomorrow today.

Today they played and had fun and tomorrow...they were caught unprepared.

I think of the Rabbinic statement, "Who is wise? he who sees the unborn".

We can say there are three kinds of people; those who see the "unborn"; the things yet to happen, those who see things as they happen and realize and understand the significance and those, who so sadly, even after things have happened cannot grasp what actually took place. They are the winter monkey.

Krav Maga and Israeli security are all about seeing the unborn. While others prepare for yesterday's attack we prepare and plan for tomorrow's attack. We have no choice but to be ready and alert.   

Moshe Katz during his IDF service, we must be ready and alert.

We must take care of tomorrow today, in every way possible. I think of the seminar in New York where the instructor had the audacity to charge $5,000 for a 3 day seminar, why? because people were trying to take care of yesterday, (rape, violent crimes, assault on their families) today.

But you know what? You can never fully take care of yesterday today. It is even difficult to take care of Today today. The correct time to take care of today is yesterday. And the correct time to take care of tomorrow is Today.

Today we must begin our serious Krav Maga training. Today we must open a savings account for our retirement. Today we must start eating healthful foods. Today we must open an insurance program. Today we must foster healthy relationships.

When you are lying in a hospital bed, as my brother is, you want your family and friends around you. During his many years on this earth my brother has invested in friendships and relationships, as a result his room is a hub for visitors, and his phone keeps ringing, and people all over the world are praying for him.

If, God forbid, you are lying in the hospital bed alone and no one cares about, that is not the time to start working on relationships. Certainly it is never too late but the time to have begun was years ago, not now.

The message is clear and simple, thank you Kaiser! I feel as if the wonderful medical staff at the hospital is sending us a subtle rebuke; certainly some disease are not our fault, some are genetic, some are caused by our unhealthy polluted environment (which we all must be active in changing), but some are inflicted by our poor life style choices. 

We eat junk food, we do not exercise enough and we do not take care of our self defense needs. In my book, "Israel: A Nation of Warriors" (see below to order) I explain how every member of the household of our ancestor Abraham trained in the art and tactics of self-defense. This was not an option; just as you go to school, to the dentist, to the doctor for regular checkups, you train in self defense.

A great place to start your Krav Maga training, for youth and adults; Jon Phipps Krav Maga center in Walker town, North Carolina, great training, great facility, warm and friendly staff and free internet. Certified and authorized by IKI Krav Maga.

So the time to start is now. As the rabbis say, "If not now, when?"

Eat right, get health insurance, visit your doctor, start a savings plan, call a family member and say I miss you, say hi to your neighbor, and sign up for Krav Maga.

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