Wish You Were Here
By Moshe Katz Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

American Airlines, Flight 1234, COS to DFW, February 10, 2014

Jave coffee served,

The original blog as written on the plane using airline napkins.

So you think you can tell...Real self-defense from Hollywood Kung foolery or Tube Tube Krav Maga?

So you think you can tell real Israeli Krav Maga from imitated commercialization and marketing?

So you think you can tell heaven from hell, techniques that will save you from techniques that will get you killed?

Well I wish you were here. I wish you were at our seminar in Colorado Springs with 90 participants and three days of training.

Some were civilians, some were military, and police. Some were retired Navy, air-force and some Marines. Some were old, grand parents, some were young, kids like Gabi and Ty. Some were veterans martial arts black belts, one was an Aikido master instructor.

Christi and Hope were beginners, Taves is a Krav Maga instructor and MMA competitor.

I wish you were there to see, to feel, to experience how the techniques and concepts work. Nothing is forced or dictated, it is for your to try and judge for yourself.

We are offering you a "Walk on part in the war", the war against crime, hate and violence. We are not offering you a "leading part in the cage."
Bruce Lee spoke and wrote about the "Cage", the cage the imprisons martial artists and prevents them from thinking, from expanding. They become trapped in their conventional thinking.

We are not running over "the same old ground" but we are trying to find solutions to the "same old fears" that have plagued you, me, and mankind for so long.

There will always be those who are skeptical, there will always be those who will doubt, and there will always be those who mock.

We mock what we are unable to understand, or afraid to try. The mocking comes from insecurity, jealousy and weakness. They criticize openly but hide behind false internet names and "handles". They fear the light of day.

"Don't criticize what you can't understand...your old road is rapidly aging.

Please get off the new road if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a changing." (Bob Dylan)

IKI Krav Maga is changing everyday as questions come in from all over the world. You ask, we answer. Questions come in from South Africa, from Brazil, from Virginia USA (home of the grapplers), Mexico, Puerto Rico and ..everywhere. The new situations presented become part of our IKI program.

Every question is important, every student is important and is treated with respect. Every individual is a crazy Diamond to be protected and cherished.

Colorado Springs seminar Day One, hosted by Todd Bradley and Brad Secundy.

Learn the Real History of Krav Maga
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Biblical fighting, what was it like?

What weapons did they use? What kind of tactics.

Who were the great Hebrew warriors and how is their tradition being carried on today?

Israeli - Hebrew fighting throughout the age; Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samson, their mindset and their fighting skills.

Over 250 pages, the history of Israel and the Jewish people as a fighting nation from the days of Abraham to our own times. The book covers the history and roots of Krav Maga and the modern Israeli Defense Forces. The book analyzes what makes Israeli security the best in the world.

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